Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ross Score

Ever since I found the Liquitex products at Ross awhile back I've been frequently returning to the store(s) looking for more bargain-priced quality art supplies.

I found this set of Faber-Castell brush pens at the Hawaii Kai Branch the other day. There was only this one pack, turned upside down kinda hidden among some sketch books. It looked as if the workers might've discovered it in their recent clean-up and had just tossed it onto the shelf. 

I paid $5.99 for it. There's a similar set selling on eBay for $24.50!

The pen is wonderful at producing broad as well as fine strokes, and the color range is perfect for my use. Plus it's made with India ink so is waterproof, and I can watercolor over it.

I was really happy with my find and almost left but decided to check out the food section. Would you believe, I found this misplaced Faber-Castell gelatos set there? They're kinda like crayons but water soluble, not waxed. I've been wanting to try them out for awhile but never bought them.  This Gelatos set usually sells for around $10. I paid $2.99.

I tested it out on a scrap piece of watercolor paper and liked it so much that I turned it into a greeting card. No sense waste, yah!

I haven't had a chance yet, but now I like go to other Ross branches to see if they might have the gelatos in other colors. If you go to look for yourself, no forget check the food section. LOL.


gracie said...

as usual, awesome finds. a couple of weeks ago, they had tombow dual tip brush pen sets. i couldn't believe it. they were $12.99. still expensive but i believe the original prices usually run $20+!

i always check out the art section after that post, too. thanks for the heads up!

jalna said...

Gracie, I saw those! I have choke of those Tombow pens so I didn't get any, but boy was I tempted!

K and S said...

I guess you gotta look all over the store for all the hidden bargains!

Honolulu Aunty said...

True score! Dangerous though.

jalna said...

Kat, even in the food section!

Aunty, I agree.

Susan said...

Lol, we found treasures just placed everywhere at Ross. Now I know what to look for. There’s so many paint brushes but I don’t know what’s good and what’s trash. Good tips! Ooh and that celebrate card, cool!

jalna said...

Susan, I see those paint brush packs at Ross too and wonder if they're good. High-quality brushes are normally so expensive.

Leslie's pics said...


jalna said...

Les, yesssss!

Erick said...

Cool you are the bargain Queen. Good job.

jalna said...

LOL, thanks Erick.