Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Impossible Burger

We went to The Counter in Kahala Mall yesterday to try their Impossible Burger. Well, me and Landon had the Impossible Burger. Wendell ate cow.

This is my burger.

Landon went totally vegan. His has vegan cheese and vegan bun. Have you ever tried vegan cheese? It's kinda gross to me . . . too pasty and bland or something. Not quite sure what's wrong, but I've decided . . . nope, not for me.

I totally looooooved mine. Lan liked his too.

This is my custom burger order sheet. Luckily, Landon treated.

Kinda hard to read my photo.  You might wanna check out here instead. 


Cloudia said...

Yup ONO!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Ho, da expensive!!! Glad you loved it.

Leslie's pics said...

I'm so glad you went first. I never like go and be the first one in case it was crappy. I'll tell Randy the next time we go to kahala mall cause i wanna try now

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! But so expensive...I need to have meat of some kind...beef, chicken, turkey, fish, etc.


mmiissee said...

Ive been to the counter 2 times over the passed 2 weeks. Both times I had their Loco Moco (no egg). Was curious though about the Impossible burger. Don't want to waste $$. Dont know if you've tried the Daiya brand Vegan Cheese. Tastes like Macaroni Cheese.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Holy cow! That's an expensive burger! Glad you enjoyed it!

Chet Colson said...

Go to Kahala Mall all the time. Haven't been to the Counter. I like that they have antibiotic free beef. I try to eat organic when I can, but vegan is not for me, too bland.

Dd said...

I heard about this burger last year some time, the only reason I was really paying attention to it was because.....Mark Wahlberg and his chef brother were being tasted on it and I do believe they actually became large investors in the company...

Mark Shelby said...

With those prices, I'm thinking they are hoping to Retire Young!.....YIKES!

jalna said...

Cloudia, I only ate half at the restaurant and zapped the other half in the microwave yesterday for dinner. Still was ono.

Aunty, me too! LOL.

Les, finally got to try and yup, didn't disappoint.

LOL, Izsmom.

Mmiissee, I have tried Daiya.

Mich, soooo expensive.

Chet, going vegan is very hard. So I do allow myself eggs, cheese and once in awhile seafood. Oh and SPAM MUSUBI ever since Honolulu Aunty shared her onolicious one.

Dd, Leslie told me about it when me and Landon first went vegan, but it wasn't available here back then.

Mark, totally!!

Susan said...

I also like that their beef is free from hormones and antibiotics. I would definitely do the impossible burger! Looks really good😋. Eating healthy is so expensive...which is sad.

K and S said...

nice! but expensive