Monday, September 28, 2015


Coworker Lauren turned me on to this awesome site called Photogrammar which was put together by some smart people from Yale

Photos and descriptions like the 1943 photo below can be found there by using an interactive map. Go check it out! It is so cool!!


Japanese-American volunteers. First pair of brothers among the AJA [Americans of Japanese ancestry] volunteers inducted into the U.S. Army in the territory were Chitsugi, twenty-three, and Minoru Manabe, twenty-eight, who took the oath of allegiance together among the first batch of fifty-eight Kauai registrants sworn in. Both were born at Anahola but lived in Kealia, Kauai with their elder sister Fumiyo Hashimoto who is shown bidding them goodbye. Both went to the Kapaa Grammar School and last worked for the Lihue Plantation Company. They volunteered separately without each other's knowledge immediately after formation of an AJA combat regiment was announced




March 1943

Lot Number (Shooting Assignment)


Call Number (Library of Congress)



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For real yah, Kat!

alibaba37 said...

I spent my lunch break checking out this site yesterday. It is so cool! Thank you for sharing it. I learned a few things about the city I live in because of it.

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Great, Alibaba!!

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Cool, I bookmarked it.

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Fascinating! Great site! The pic makes me feel very nostalgic.