Saturday, September 26, 2015

Japan 7-Eleven Instant Soups

I brought back a bunch of 7-Eleven soup packs from Japan a few months ago for my son, but since he hadn't eaten them yet, I thought I'd take them to work for lunch this past week.

This is the Tan Tan Soup.

This is what's inside of the pack . . . a brick.

I added about 3/4 cup of hot water. I was kinda surprised. It was really, really good.

This is the Fried Eggplant Soup.

The brick was a little crumbly. 

Looks good, yah!

It was!  I think this is my favorite.

This is the Onion Soup.

The brick was kinda small.

And since I had two packs, I used them both at one time.

It was really yummy too!

I had a tuna/avo sandwich with each of the soups. 

They went well together.  For sure I'm gonna get some more packs next time I go to Japan. 


Anonymous said...

I love it - looks so easy AND ono!

Susan said...

My daughters and i can live out of a supermarket in Japan. You can get all your meals there and then spend sooooo much time looking through all the cute packages. One time we went to a little place that had nothing but snacks, I was overwhelmed!! Love, love, love Japan!! Can't wait to go back!!

Anonymous said...

J: so blown away at all the great eats they have in Japan...and they look exactly like veggies in a, wish the U.S. would get more into that kind of stuff or have the Hawaii 7-11 carry it. They carry only the Japanese cookies and candies (which my mom says tastes so good)....wish they'd enlarge it to carry the stuff you had. -N

K and S said...

yum & super convenient!

Mark Shelby said...

Those look awesome Jalna! I have not found anything like that in San Diego. So what I do when I want a taste of Hawaii, I use a Top Ramen noodle pack in a pot of hot water. I get them 5 for $1.00 at the .99 cent store. Then I add my own veggies (even chopped long green onions just like home!), spices and meat or seafood depending on how I feel that day. A good grocery store in my town called "Smart and Final" sells a mixed seafood platter for only $2.79 per pound, it includes shrimp, octopus, crab, squid, etc. I am very surprised they have this and sell it so cheap! And then just add shoyu, and it's a home run every time! ; )

Leslie's pics said...

7-11 Rocks!!

jalna said...

Anon, it's just the right size for me too!

Me too, Susan, can't wait to go back.

N, that would be so awesome if the Hawaii 7-Eleven carried those soups.

Mark, you're so innovative.

Les, let's go already.

Nippon Nin said...

I have no-idea that instant soup is that good! I will look for them next time...sad, we don't have a plan to back to Japan...yet. I love convenient stores in Japan!

jalna said...

Akemi, it's amazing to me that they can make it taste so good. I feel the same way about going to Japan. As soon as I come home, I want to go back.

Mark Shelby said...

Thanks Jalna. I had to become a whizz kid in da kitchen because I have lived alone since 1994......Yikes! Oh, and I forgot to say I also do egg drop in all my fancy ramen noddle dishes! Yummers!

So it's high time for all of you to "Step Your Ramen Game Up"! ; )

Fun hilarious how to make fancy ramen vid.

Kay said...

Sigh... Unfortunately, don't those contain a lot if salt? I love soups though. Although mom and Art can't have those because of blood pressure, if I see them, I think I'll try it for myself. :-)

jalna said...

Funny video, Mark!! Good suggestions too. But I couldn't watch the whole thing . . . got seasick with all the motion of the camera.

Kay, they probably do have lots of salt, but they're so ono!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo you like those milfrutts and i lovw those freeze dried soups! There is a shop in the bldg next to tokyo station that aells mix and match amano brand soups...different soup bases like miso and different vegetable mixes. But the regular nasubi is my favorite!
There are also places that sold those chazuke things that Kat blogged about that i love too! Except it with rice. Cant wait til i go again to restock!

jalna said...

Pretty soon, V!!!