Thursday, September 10, 2015

Climbing Mt. Fuji

Cousins Gary and Phyllis and da kids did the Mt. Fuji hike/climb! What an adventure, yah!




Here's Gary's story:

Well we did the climb, well sort of. All the training I did did not prepare me for this climb. This was brutal. It's not a hike but a climb.

We all made it to the 8th station where we had a nice curry rice meal. At 2 am they wake you to continue the climb to the summit to see the sunrise. 

Houston, we have a problem. We start to hear rain at night, and the rain is getting harder. So when the hut man comes around at 2 to wake us, he also announced that there's a typhoon approaching. It's very dangerous, and you won't be able to see the sunrise because of that. Well, we didn't pick up all that when he said that and neither did the rest of the foreign tourists, so we and the tourists all got up. Hmmm, why are the Japanese not getting up? Only after we got up and started talking in broken English and Japanese did we understand why.

Phyllis and I stayed back, but the kids were gung ho and decided to make the 2-hour trek to the summit despite the hut man's recommendation not to. So 2 hours later they not only made it to the top but back to the hut!


Lorna said...

Wow, what adventurers they are. And they must be in great shape. I'd have a heart attack right after leaving the first station. Uh, that's so NOT on my itinerary for next month!

K and S said...

bummer about the typhoon! we climbed earlier in the season(July) but that was many years ago.

jalna said...

You're going next month, Lorna!! Autumn! So nice.

Too bad yah, Kat. But still, at least they did it. I could never.

Leslie's pics said...

whoa that is awesome!! I always wanted to go...I wonder if I could handle. I think Mar/Apr will be too cold dontcha think??

Honolulu Aunty said...

No hikes or climbs for me unless it is absolutely necessary. Aunty is not into torture. Maybe onsens or shopping, but not torture.

Susan said...

We (5 adults & 4 kids 2 to 5 yrs old) camped in a modern cabin by a lake near Fuji San. We drove pretty high up the mountain and climbed "part" of Mt Fuji in June and climbed high enough to see some snow. It was cold and foggy but it was the highlight of our trip
: )

jalna said...

Les, yah, maybe too cold 'cause of the elevation, plus not good for your knees I think.

I agree, Aunty.

Awwww, Susan, sounds like you guys had fun!!

Kay said...

Oh gracious! My husband and son did the climb to the top of Mt. Fuji. My daughter and I just went to the 5th station, walked with them a short distance and then took the bus back to our nice hotel. :- )
Typhoon? Yikes!

jalna said...

You did, Kay!! That's so amazing!

Nippon Nin said...

Ha ha ha! Some of your readers comment are funny...especially Honolulu Aunty. I was there when the typhoon hit Japan...