Friday, May 8, 2015

Yamada-ya Manju Factory and a Sing-a-Long

It's taking me awhile to finish up my next set of photos so I'm stalling for time with these two videos.

The first video is a short one that I took at Yamada-ya's manju factory. I will have photos for you from there in my next blog post.

I took the next video while our group was singing on the bus. We had a song contest on one of our bus rides . . . left side vs. right side.  Me and Sweetie were on the right side. Our side lost . . . but it was close. This is the practice session we had before the contest. Tomiko said that we did very good on the ra ra ra verse. The words to the song are below in case you want to sing along. (FYI: We went through a tunnel at one point, so it'll get dark for awhile).

春を愛する人は 心清き人
Haru wo aisuru hito wa kokoro kiyoki hito
Sumire no hana no yōna
Boku no tomodachi
夏を愛する人は 心強き人
Natsu wo aisuru hito wa kokoro tsuyoki hito
Iwa wo kudaku nami no yōna
Boku no chichioya
秋を愛する人は 心深き人
Aki wo aisuru hito wa kokoro fukaki hito
Ai wo kataru haine no yōna
Boku no koibito
冬を愛する人は 心広き人
Fuyu wo aisuru hito wa kokoro hiroki hito
Neyuki wo tokasu daichi no yōna
Boku no hahaoya
ラ ララ ララララ…
Ra rara rararara…
ラ ララ ララララ…
Ra rara rararara…


Honolulu Aunty said...

LOL, your tour guide said you did well on the ra ra ra raa part?

Nice song, very sweet voices!

jalna said...

Yah, Aunty. That's the part where we were the loudest.

Leslie's pics said...

so cute you guys had a singing contest!! Good thing I wasn't there, it wouldn't have been close. I woulda totally lost it for you guys! I want to eat manju now.

Kay said...

I've heard that song before. Tomiko is very good at singing. Good for you with the rararara.

I'm actually more a mochi fan myself. :- )

jalna said...

Les, I woulda asked you to sit on the other side, and then we woulda won!!

I love mochi too, Kay, but manju is a close second. Tomiko was hugely entertaining.

Nippon Nin said...

I know this song! Nice vocal!

I love momiji manju! But I didn't try the custard filling.

jalna said...

The song stays in my head sometimes, Akemi. It doesn't go away.