Friday, August 15, 2014

Greeting Cards

I don't usually buy greeting cards 'cause I can make um. But my supply has dwindled and a few weeks ago I needed a wedding card so I got this one while I was at Foodland.  It was $3.99.  It's the cheapest one I could find that I liked.  Is that not a lot to spend on something that is gonna be enjoyed for just a few seconds?


I decided to bust out my supplies and make some generic "love always" cards that can be used for a variety of occasions.

And you know me . . . if you're gonna make a few, you might has well make a lot.

I also made some handmade paper and am in the process of using them to make more cards.  I'll show you how I did it in my next post. 


Dd said...

ummm...perhaps we need a "card making day" ???? I still got ALL those stickers I bought for us to make those cards for the hospital kids....

K and S said...

so pretty!

jenny said...

those are so nice! you ever think about teaching a class? i would totally take it!

Lorna said...

Love all those beautiful cards. You're so "crafty". Now you have to find the right-sized envelopes for them (unless your card stock is already sized to standard envelopes, I reckon). Craft on!!!

Anonymous said...

J: gosh you are so gifted! You know cheapy and uncrafty me, I just go to Wal-mart and buy a 99-cent card cuz I figgah moe cheap for buy then take da time to make it. I ALWAYS go to the cheap card section. I've only made one personal card off my printer for mom's b-day and she has kept it cuz it's personalized.

Yours are lovely and treasures for the recipient cuz it's one of a kind. I want to do crafts but realize I'm too impatient to do it. I learned how to do Perragamo (paper etching lace-look), spent uku bucks on buying all the supplies and equipment, taking classes,and..and...and....produced only 2 items. Cuz one small item takes over 8 hours of work to do. Poohoo I realized.

So I give you creds for doing this and yes I want to see how you do it cuz I just like crafty things.

Mahalo! N

Susan said...

Welcome back! I need to wipe the dust off my stamps and start using them too. Nice!

DNakamaru said...

i know what you mean, cards are very expensive.
Your cards are beautiful!

celia said...

You are too cute. I wish I had the energy to make so many. Now no need spend $ to buy cards - you are so ready.

jalna said...

Sounds good, Didi.

Thanks Kat!

Thanks Jenny. Me and coworker Leslie did hold a couple of classes at work. It was fun.

Thanks Lorna. I buy the envelopes from Fischer. They're like $7 something for 100.

N, I didn't know had a cheap card section until a coworker told me. She said that she buys those too. I like those Perragamo stuff but looks hard to do.

Thanks Susan! It's hard to bust out the supplies once they're all put away.

Thanks Dean!

Thank you Celia. When I have the desire, then I have the energy. A lot of times though, it's short lived.

Erick said...

Very Nice! Maybe you can sell them at the swap meet?

SW said...

I'm glad you're back posting again, Jalna.. wow.. when you say you're gonna make a lot, you're not kidding.. those are really cool all occasion cards.

Nippon Nin said...

Very nice! I like it!