Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Swap Meet - 9/1/13

It's already Tooosday . . . neva post anything since Sattaday . . . oh boy . . . 

Wendell played in a softball tournament on Saturday, so we traded Aunty duties for the weekend, which meant that I was free, free, free on Sunday.  I emailed my sisters and all three of them were able to join me.  I haven't brought my real camera with me to the swap meet for awhile now.  iPhone is so much lighter. IMG_0517

Sheets of this Techni Ice were selling for 3/$5.  

You can cut them to any size you want. They start out thin.  After you smoosh um in water they puff up.  You can then freeze or microwave um.

I paid $2 for this stapler.  I didn't realize that it was actually broken  until I got home.  Luckily I was able to fix it.IMG_0425

Didi found this abalone shell hair pin.  It was $5.

This lauhala visor was $25.

I'd been wondering for quite some time about this gadget.

I finally found out . . . it's to make pots like this.  Another buyer explained it to me and gave me his recipe . . . two parts sand to one part cement.

These cute little coconut fish planters were $1 each.

These are clothespin magnets.  The small ones were 2 packs/$5 and the big ones were $3/pack.

Sweetie scored this grass clipper for $3.  I just saw new ones at City Mill selling for 22 bucks!


Free samples.  More torture.



I wondered about these guys.  They had barely anything to sell.  I asked a girl at a stall across from them.  She said that sometimes they don't have anything to sell, but they like to hang around and talk story.

Geri got these wire cutters for $3.

Here are my wire cutters . . . swap meet find from awhile back. They were also $3 . . . rusty but works good.

Here's Sweetie trying to figure out where to put all of her crap.

Cute bug hat - $3.

I got really bloated after our normal Sam and Syd's meal last weekend, so I suggested we try 99 Ranch this time.  The top dish is an appetizer sampler and next to it is spring roll/vermicelli, both from a Vietnamese place.  The round container has Lechon Kawali in it (Filipino).  Below and to the left is fried squid and fried tofu (Japanese), in the middle is a hamburger steak and to the right is a curried noodle dish (Chinese).  Everything except for the fried tofu was good.  The tofu was HORRIBLE . . . hard and dry.

I wonder now if I shoulda gone back to the stall that I got it from and said something about the tofu, or even returned the uneaten pieces (I got 4).  I did once buy a really bad turkey/bacon wrap from Whole Foods, and it wasn't cheap. It was dry and hard and the bacon, burnt and salty.  When I went online, I found a "contact us" link that hooked up to the Kahala store, so I emailed them about it.  I recommended that they try it for themselves.  They did respond and said that they would look into it, and said that I could get a refund.  I told them that no refund was necessary (emphasizing the point of my email) . . . and that I just wanted them to know. I think they would wanna know, yah?


Kalin's Mommy said...

I just love your stories and pics!

jalna said...

Awww Mich . . .

Lorna said...

Wish we had a swap meet like this on Kauai! The things you find are intriguing, and that food looks so delish! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Erick said...

You folks find the coolest stuff!

jalna said...

So interesting yah, Lorna!

Good fun, Erick.