Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Swap Meet Finds

Me, Geri and Aunty went to the swap meet this past Sunday.  I was lazy and didn't even take pictures while there.  Sweetie asked what we found so I took these pictures to show her.  I didn't really buy much stuff, mostly glass and beads.

These vintage beads were around 25 cents each.   Geri bought me the cute blue/clear ones.  I bought the flat pink ones from the same seller. They're so cute.  The plate that they're in is small, only about 3 x 3 inches.  The plate was about $2.


This glass container was $8.  I couldn't imagine what it'd normally be used for.  I put some of my marbles in um.

We found a lot of beaded stuff.  The most expensive strand was $3, the least was 25 cents.  This whole bunch was around $10. I'm gonna take them apart to make bracelets.

These are my latest.  I just realized that I shoulda taken pictures of the other ones that I made before I gave them away. The bottom one is actually for me.  I took apart earrings that Sweetie gave to me many, many years ago and added to them. I guess we were already into glass from that long ago.  I'm gonna give the green and blue ones to Susan at work. She's da bomb coworker.  I love her to death. I hope she likes um. 

I also got these two avocados. They were $1.50 each.

This audio CD was $1. The girl selling it said that it was her favorite, favorite story. She said that she had read the book, but never did listen to the CD, so essentially it was new.  K, I admit I was never a good student.  I don't remember if this was required reading for us in public school or not.  I never did read anything that was required of us.  I don't even know how I graduated from high school.  I barely did anything that we were supposed to do.  I faked my way through all of it. So, I decided to try this CD out being that the story was the girl's "favorite, favorite".  The first minute was interesting, where the speaker gives a synopsis of what's happening.  It seems that King "O" goes off to war.  He wins the war but doesn't return home even after some years. Many suitors are hanging around Queen Penelope (HER name I remember) 'cause they wanna marry her.  Prince "T" decides to go search for his dad and meets up with some dude "M" who tells "T" his story. I listened to it twice.  I have no clue what he's trying to say. I don't know if King "O" is dead or alive. Who talks like that? How do normal(?) people like me figure out what's going on?  I wanna know what's gonna happen in the story, but can't even untangle the words.  Is there a secret to understanding it? IMG_4578


Lorna said...

That vase (w/ your marbles) is stunning! You've got a good eye when you're at the Swap Meet!

Dd said...

OMGoodness....you are soo funny...Homer...The Odyssey...umm...its ..a classic !!!

Erick said...

Wow, so pretty. Cheap prices too.

jalna said...

Aww . . . thanks Lorna!

Do you know Didi, that they think it was written around 700 B.C.!!! How unreal izdat. I was almost ready to quit listening to it, but my friend hooked me up with some Cliffs Notes so now I kinda know what's happening.

Gotta go swap meet, Erick!

Leslie's pics said...

hahahaha!! I feel just like you when I had to read the classics....I don't know how I passed English :-O

jalna said...

I think I'm gonna pass the CD on to you already, Les. I gave it a good try, but sheese I find myself frowning while listening 'cause it's just too hard to understand.

Nippon Nin said...

You're hilarious! You make me laugh. I bet you had many friends in high school. Jewelry that you made were very pretty but my two bracelets are prettier!

Checking your blog is like nice treat. I enjoy it every time. Thank you.

jalna said...

Awwww . . . thank you Akemi.