Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kikuya in Kaneohe

Kikuya is one of my mom's favorite Japanese restaurants, but it's in Kaneohe so we rarely go there.  I just found out that there's a Kikuya in Kalihi too.  Does anyone know if they're the same?


I've just been reading reviews on the restaurant and a lot of people say that there's usually a wait.  Whenever we've been there, though, we've never had to wait.  In fact this time, there was only one other guy already eating when we got there.  It was on a Sunday at lunch time.

I love, love, love their miso soup.  No fancy ingredients; it's really plain, but it is soooo oishiiiii.

Let me explain how I ended up with this combination plate even though I'm on a diet.  I was gonna order the Chicken Tofu.  Good choice, right?  But my mom says that for a few dollars more I can get the lunch special Chicken Tofu and Shrimp Tempura combination plate which is a far better deal. Since I always listen to my mom *ahem*, I said okay, but she could have my tempura and I would just eat the chicken tofu.  She ordered the same thing as me.  When our food came and we saw that it wasn't just one shrimp tempura but a whole bunch of tempuras, my mom totally bailed on me and said that she couldn't possibly eat all that. And so I was "forced" to eat the tempura too. But you know what . . . was sooo ono!!  I took a bite of the potato salad too, and even though it just killed me 'cause it was good too, I didn't eat any more of it. 

The next morning as I got on the scale, I closed my eyes and cringed.  When I opened them, I was surprised to see that I had actually lost weight.  Hoo hoo.  I think that me and my mom might just have to go back to Kikuya again!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jalna,
Kikuya in Kalihi is totally different owners, not as "homey" as the kaneohe. It is actually Korean run but they are pretty good too. Sashimi, sushi, soba, teishoku, etc.
Didn't the Kaneohe one try for a while in Manoa? We used to go to one in Manoa.

DNakamaru said...

The Kikuyas are different but both are good. We usually go to the Kalihi one and like it. Kaneohe is soooo far for us too - we only been there a couple of times.

Thanks again for Dawn's bracelete - she loved it!

Kalin's Mommy said...

The two Kikuya's are not related. The Kaneohe Kikuya is run by Japanese, the Kalihi one used to be run by Korean, but I am not sure as I haven;'t gone in a while. The Kaneohe Kikuya always has a wait at dinner time, lunch you can usually walk in with no problem. Their potato salad is the best I have tasted, too bad it's a small scoop. Gotta try the tendon...that's my favorite there!

Erick said...

Never been to the Kaneohe one. I like the Kalihi one.

Les said...

where is it in kalihi? I've only been to the Kaneohe one too...

jalna said...

They were in Manoa, Anon? Aww too bad we missed out.

You're welcome Dean. Maybe we'll check out the Kalihi one.

Ohhh Mich. I'll try the tendon after the challenge is over.

Good to know, Erick.

Looks like it might be by Farrington, Les.

Nippon Nin said...

Thank you for the review. Looks good! More good news that you didn't gain weight!

jalna said...

You're welcome Akemi. I was amazed that I didn't gain weight from that meal!