Friday, March 15, 2013

Tiger Balm

I have an ingrown toenail problem.  One home remedy that I found online involved using Tiger Balm. I couldn't see how it would work, but the method was simple enough so I went to Longs and bought me this little jar. You cleanse the area with Betadine, let dry, apply the Tiger Balm and cover with a bandaid. Betadine was $20 a bottle so I just used alcohol instead. You're supposed to do this for 2 weeks.  Wouldja believe that after 2 days the pain went away!  How yah?


Wendell bought me this.  I never used it 'cause I neva need.  Maybe it works on the same principle. 

It's been around 2 weeks now, but I'm scared to stop.  I'm afraid it's gonna get sore again if I do.


K and S said...


jalna said...

Kinda amazing yah, Kat.

Ronnie said...

Hi Jalna,

Just wondering - did the nail actually start to grow out (ie. become flat) again?

Ronnie xo

jalna said...

Hi Ronnie. Using the Tiger Balm turned out to be a temporary fix. My toe eventually got so sore that I had to go to a podiatrist. He cut off the edge of my toenail, and although it never flattened out, it doesn't hurt any more.