Thursday, March 14, 2013

Goma Tei

Wendell's coworker Donovan always raves about Goma Tei, so we went to check it out at lunchtime a couple of weeks ago. 

As soon as we got there we noticed a sign-up sheet.  Wendell and I are not into sign-up sheets . . . or waiting . . . when we are hungry.  I peered inside and saw that the place was big, and since the list of names wasn't too long, I signed us up.  As I was writing down our name, guess who I see inside walking towards the door?  Donovan! I told him to hurry up and eat so that we could get in quicker.  And you know what?  He would, you know. He's been to our house several times because anytime Wendell needs help with anything, he's right there.  I just love him to death. 


I felt shy about taking pictures so most of these shots I did without looking through the viewfinder   I think I got busted in this one.

Don't know what these guys were eating, but look at the size of their bowls!

Me and Wendell both chose the Char Siu Tan Tan Ramen because that's what Donovan recommended.


As soon as it came, me and Wendell went, "Okay, so where's the char siu?"  I took a picture with Wendell's phone and sent it to Donovan.  He confirmed . . . we got the wrong order.

We informed the waiter, who then asked if it was okay if he just brought us the char siu separately.  So we scored!  It was sooooo filling, I could only eat half. I liked it . . . very goma-y (sesame) tasting.

I sneaked a final shot as we were leaving.


mmiissee said...

The char siu look thick. Usually they give thin slices. You sure scored.

K and S said...


Dd said...

Soooo...they are supposed to NOW be known for their Mapo (someone told me it took them 1 whole year to perfect their recipe and that they bring something in for this recipe from Japan) not a fan of tan tan...thats with the peanut butter right ??

Les said...

yummmmmm....where's your side order gyoza?? Kat also gets the side order of curry combo. Now I wanna eat tantan ramen!!!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Kalin loves this place and the portions are huge!

Erick said...

My second favorite ramen shop. I love the fried chicken balls, so ono!

jalna said...

Really Mmiissee? It was really thick. Maybe we got somebody else's side order too. LOL.

Was Kat!

Maybe that's what the two dudes were eating Didi. Not sure about the peanut butter.

We did have gyoza Les. That was ono too! I realized I neva take pikcha of it when I was putting this post together.

OMG Mich, really HUGE!

Hmmm . . . fried chicken balls? Maybe next time. Thanks for the tip Erick.

Dd said...

soo...looking at their menu...For The says that the bean paste is imported from Szechuan !!! WOWW !!ok ok, so one year to perfect, and the answer is...import the bean paste, not make your own ??? DUH...

jalna said...

Hahaha . . . more easy dat way, Didi.

waibu said...

I know this is kinda late comment...Went to Goma Tei, had the Tan Tan Char Siu, was SUPA ono. Will be back there again for sure. Thanks for the recommendation.

BTW, I was thinking of Aunty when I karanged my arm the other day, it's nothing like hers but even typing is a skosh sore so I can imagine her pain.

jalna said...

Yay, I'm glad you got to try them out, Waibu. I always think about that day that Aunty fell, and how they couldn't fix it until the next day. I feel horrible about that.