Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kona and the Velociraptor

Kona was bored.

So we went for a quick walk.

Nothing much exciting happened.  Until we got back home   .  .  .

Kona saw him first - a lizard in relative safety behind the trash bins. You know, one of those ugly Velociraptors.  Kona loves to catch those ugly guys. So, as I unhooked Kona's leash I said, "Okay, Kona. I'm gonna move the gray bin out of the way.  You ready?"  With one quick move I pulled the trash bin towards me.  Kona lunged.

The lizard evaded Kona by going to the right into a space between the greens and recyclables. He stared at us, pretty much unafraid.

We tried again.  This time I pulled the green bin towards me.  Kona lunged but fell short.  The lizard ran away.  My bad.  I didn't give Kona enough space.  We'll try again another day.


Betty Townsend said...

That's funny!

jalna said...

At least it gave Kona a little excitement for the day, Betty.

Les said...

soooo cute! I wish I was there to video it. Oooh that lizard is laughing at Kona now...I hope he gets um tomorrow!!

Dd said...

ummmm.....what does he do with the little critter....hummmm

DNakamaru said...

You live in Hawaii Kai? I live in Niu Valley, maybe I'll see you in Costco one day....

Betty Townsend said...

Yup, it sure did... :)

jalna said...

Haven't had a chance to really look for him again . . . maybe this weekend, Les.

Didi, he plays with um until they get all limp. Hahahaha!

Maybe, Dean!

:) Betty!

Erick said...

Poor Kona, next time. How come that cat has 4 eyes? LOL

jalna said...

Yeah Erick, we gotta try again.