Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ailey at 14 Months

I have a new favorite photographer - Gina Kolsrud.  I don't know how she does it, but she works magic with the light.  I read one interview where she said that if given the choice of only one lens, it would be the Canon 85mm f1.2.  I have that lens.  It's my least favorite.  It weighs a ton and is soooo slow to autofocus. But it's the lens I brought with me today on Ailey's 14-month photo shoot.  'Cause I wanna shoot like Gina Kolsrud.  I know . . . it's not the lens.

I decided I would try to work with the sunlight more and not be so afraid of it.  I also tried to use a shallower depth of field for a more pleasing blurry look.  And I also tried to learn more Photoshopping techniques while post-processing these pics.  So much to learn.

Ailey was so cute, cute, cute.  Constantly moving . . . exploring. It's great that she's mobile now.   Just gotta follow her around and keep shooting.











Les said...

love it!! so was it hard? I can't believe she's running around already!

Betty Townsend said...

She is the most adorable little girl!!! Love her ponytails!! I will email you some photos that a photographer friend of my daughter's took of Chayse...

Dd said...

Very cool pics...I LOVE her dress !!!

jalna said...

Les, it was waaaaaay easier than trying to get a crying baby posed. Hard part was the autofocus took so long to work that I missed lots of shots.

Can't wait Betty!

Thanks Didi. Ailey does have so cute clothes.

Mariko said...

What chubbiness! So ooooooo cute! Kawaiiiii!
I love that lens too, now. Of course, I'm sure you worked some magic too.

KitTKat said...

I love love love the first pic, totally awesomeness. And it was ALL YOU!

Les said...

sorry, I meant the post-processing :)

jalna said...

So kawaiiiii Mariko! Loved her pigtails. Maybe I did struggle through some magic.

Ahahahaha, thanks Kathy . . . wonder if I could repeat it.

Ohhhhh Les, wasn't hard but took long 'cause I neva know what I was doing. Shoulda took notes.

Erick said...

Very cool, I like the look and feel of these shots. My favorite is the one with the pink glasses. Great job!

jalna said...

Thanks Erick!