Saturday, July 12, 2008

Korean Festival - 7/12/2008

Beautiful costumes. Ono food. Choke people. Where's the shade?

The shuttle service was the best. We parked at KCC, got on the waiting shuttle and was off.

First thing I noticed was . . . it was hot.

Me and Susie scarfed a huge Korean plate lunch right away and still had room for shave ice.

This is mine . . . azuki beans, condensed milk and huge mochi balls!

Mufi was there . . .

and this spike-headed guy and his girlfriend. . .
and this famous Korean some-kind-of star. He even stood still for me to take this shot.

Front row and center from left to right: Susie, Erick, Sze, Fioni and Celia, all right-eyed shooters. That leaves me out.

One more photographer.

Kim chee eating contest. I took this shot just before an officiant stood right in front of me,

so that the rest of my shots look like this, where I'm trying to shoot from between this videographer's tripod. It's a wonder he never scolded me.

Martial arts demonstration. I was so intent on framing this shot that I don't even know how he got so high.

Me and Susie were admiring the woodwork of the drums, and this lady kindly posed for me.

More drummers.
The owner of these fingers came all the way from Korea to perform.

These guys were so neat. They would dance around and beat on drums while twirling these hat streamers.
Swan. She must've been hot.
This might be my favorite shot of the day. I so lucked out with the way the light illuminated her dress, her eyes and the fan.

And finally, the costumes. I loved the colors and the material and how the dresses flowed.

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