Sunday, July 27, 2008

Images from This Weekend

Trisha made her first sock monster. So cute, yeah.
My cousin's granddaughter, Ale'a, celebrated her first birthday. At her party, she was playing and running around this bush. I aimed my camera at a space between the leaves and hoped she would run past it, and she did!
This is my mom and her sister, Aunty Sally.
This is Zsa's and her brother Randall. Zsa's and I have been BFF ("best friends forever" for those who don't know) for over 40 years!! As we were growing up, I used to sleep over her house a lot. Randall used to put glue in my hair and ice on my butt as I slept.
I'd been craving teriyaki grilled corn ever since I had it from Mana Bu's. Since the dinner for tonight was hibachi barbeque meat, I got some corn from Costco and made my own. Some of you might think that I burnt the corn . . . okay, okay, so I burnt the corn. Hey, I'm not known for my culinary skills. Anyway, it was still ono, but not as good as Mana Bu's.

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Erick said...

The corn look ONO! Did anyone eat it?