Sunday, September 16, 2007

Holokai Grill - 9/16/2007

My girlfriend Fay knows what a social butterfly I ain't, and being the good friend that she is always tries to keep in touch. Once in a while she manages to drag me out of the house for a get-together, and today we went to the Holokai Grill.

We got there at about 11:30 and the place was still a bit empty.
The aroma from this 8-ounce steak Holokai Sizzle Platter ($12) on the table next to us got my juices going. . .
as did the sight of this Beer Battered Seafood & Chips ($12).
We started off with the Salt & Pepper Calamari ($9) served with kimchee aioli and like the menu says fried perfectly "light and crispy!"
Fay ordered the Orange & Guava Glazed Ribs ($13) . . .
which came with grilled corn . . .
and sweet potato fries. I thought that the fries were overcooked at first, but it must've been just the sweet potato color 'cause it was cripsy on the outside and moist on the inside . . . veeeery good.
I ordered the do-it-yourself Perfect Salad ($11) where you pick your own toppings. I should've unveiled my salad more for the picture 'cause hidden underneath the grilled chicken and avocado are sliced mushrooms, chopped eggs, cucumber and bacon bits. It was excellent, although the avocado wasn't as tasty as the stolen ones from Brandee's neighbor.
As the restaurant started to fill with customers the service got increasingly slow, but Fay and I had a lot of catching up to do, so the time went by really fast. Thanks, Fay, for the treat . . .I'll catch the next one.

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Michael M said...

You take great photos!