Saturday, September 22, 2007

In Search of the Madagascar Gecko

Erick, our new photography buddy said we could find the red-spotted green gecko at Foster Garden, so me and Susie with our new cameras set out a few days ago to go look for it. Had some interesting plants there.

This is the Calabash tree from West Tropical Africa. Kinda looks like avocados.
This is an Air Potato plant. Neat, hah. I guess it's a potato that grows above the ground.
Cannonball tree from Guiana.Had plenty of these guys, but no green gecko.
Plenty of flowers too.
but no gecko. I kinda remembered that Erick said they were by the hot house orchids so we headed there. I didn't take pictures of the orchids 'cause they were kinda boring, but these were nearby.
I was taking a shot of these Crown of Thorns when Susie started calling for me.
She was about to sit on a bench but something beat her to it!!
SCORE!! Thanks Erick.

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