Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant

Here's a small sampling of the luncheon buffet items. At $18.95 I thought it was a good deal. Missing are pictures from the soup station (miso, saimin, soba) and the small (really small) salad bar.
I'm not a raw fish sushi eater so I can't tell you how good the sushi was, but the California roll was excellent.
I also liked these cute little musubi's.
This kinda curly noodle somen was also tasty.
Shrimp and vegetable tempura was good. Had mahi tempura too but I didn't take a picture.
One of my favorites was the miso eggplant on the right. There's pumpkin and sweet potato on the left and kinpira gobo in the middle . . . all good.
Hot items, not my particular favorite in any buffet . . . kalua turkey,
Teriyaki chicken
Friday fried rice
Cold shrimp
And dessert, my particular favorite in any buffet . . . shave ice
cake (had chocolate too, but my picture came out blurry)
and my favorite . . . mochi. I gorged on the kinako mochi until my stomach popped out.

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