Thursday, May 3, 2018

Swap Meet Stuff

Here are more photos from the swap meet.

I bought this calendar for 50 cents. It was sealed so I couldn't tell until I got home, but it's flimsy and the pictures inside are of poor quality.

We didn't get to buy kim chee sushi and fried opelu this past weekend. The line was too long.

I think this was selling for 50 cents. I was intrigued by it and figured it was some kind of egg cracking thing, but couldn't understand why you would need an egg cracking thing. 

When I got home I looked it up. It's kinda lame. Glad I didn't waste another 50 cents on it.

This saddle was $40. 



This bag is made from juice packages. Dunno how much it was selling for 'cause the seller wasn't around. 

There was a card inside of this basket showing that it was from Maui. I have a feeling it was made by Fiama Von Schuetze.

Anybody know what this is? It's HAYUGE.

These were $1 each stalk. I bought a few to decorate for the May Day program at the Day Care.


There are a few of these throughout the swap meet. 



This seller's been at the swap meet for as far back as I can remember. 

Wherever there are a bunch of men, you will usually find tools. 

Randy's been around a long time too. 

We met Albert at the swap meet awhile back. He's a shopper like us. He never fails to crack me up. Last time we saw him, he was engrossed with his phone. He was trying to find something to show somebody. When I approached and greeted him he handed me his phone and said, "Try type in 'youtube teaspoon of honey and cinnamon to take at bedtime to help you sleep'". I said, "Albert, that's too long for me to be typing on the phone. Gonna take me forever." Anyway, we did manage to find it, and he went on to explain how this remedy really works. Not sure if what Albert said is true, but all I know is it's always fun running into him.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Fun! And you saw Randy! Nice sweet day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! All kind good stuff! I think I would feel overwhelmed and then end up not buying anything. LOL


jalna said...

Yah, Aunty!

Izsmom, so much stuff, it's sometimes not easy to spot treasures.

Dd said...

awww.... missed out ....
Wait....there is a Minions #3 movie ?? when did that happen ??
BTW-that's a good price for that saddle ....

Kay said...

I just love seeing what you find at the swap meet. This way I can enjoy the experience without getting sunburnt.

Chet Colson said...

Haven't been to the swap meet in ages. I like cracking my eggs the old fashion need device; good you save your $$$$

Anonymous said...

j: Ooh I recognize that candy wrap bag. It was sold at K-Mart about 5 years ago. The company was founded by an American woman who wanted to give these village women in a poor country - forget which one - a source of income. It's all handmade and folded only. Something about the easily availability of these candy/gum wrappers made it easy to teach them cuz the founder knew how to do that. It became a real hit (fad) at that time. And I was shocked at the price - they cost over $69 - at K-Mart of all places. I couldn't afford it at that time so I kept kept checking to see if the price went down and they never did and they disappeared. Of course I no longer want one. -N

K and S said...

all kinds of things to look through!

jalna said...

Yah, Dd, it's on Netflix now. It's good. Grew has a twin brother Drew. That saddle was kinda beat-up to me.

LOL, Kay.

Chet, all kine devices people come up with, yah.

N, ho da expensive!!

Lots yah, Kat.

Mark Shelby said...

Hey Queen of Hawaii Swap Meets!

That Saddle is a score!

In San Diego that would at least $500 bucks, but could go as high as $1,500 depending on the maker.

You do so good at the swap meets Auntie! I'm so impressed! You shop like me!

Plus, I've been told I Squeak when I walk! ...... LOL! ; )

jalna said...

Hahahaha, Mark!

Mark Shelby said...

Love you my Favorite Auntie!

......KEEP GOING! No Mattah What! We Love YOU!