Friday, July 21, 2017

What the Health

I do have something to share!

One of Landon's friends recommended that we watch What the Health on Netflix. 

It totally made me not want to eat meat anymore. The following is from Wikipedia and can be found here

What the Health is a 2017 documentary film which critiques the health impact of meat and dairy products consumption, and questions the practices of the leading health and pharmaceutical organizations. Its primary purpose is to advocate for a plant-based diet.

Advertised as "The Health Film That Health Organizations Don't Want You To See", the film follows Kip Andersen as he interviews physicians and other individuals, concluding that health problems are a consequence of consuming meat and dairy products. Andersen also attempts to contact representatives of the leading health organizations but dissatisfied with their response, he interviews other people and examines the connection between meat, dairy, pharmaceutical industry and various health organizations.

It's a biased film . . . some of the gross stuff that they show seem exaggerated. And I wonder how true the miraculous recoveries of some of the ailing people who stopped eating meat really are. 

But still . . . I like try go vegan. Crazy, yah. It's hard enough doing no meats . . . but no dairy and no eggs?  No buttery pastry? No cookies? No cheese in my salad or pizza? No cream in my coffee? Seems impossible, yah?!

Here was my lunch for the other day . . . leftovers from the previous night's dinner. I just stir-fried some broccoli and shiitake mushrooms in some minced garlic and olive oil. I sprinkled on some garlic salt, poured in a little bit of the shiitake water and then covered for a little while. It was okay.

Landon is very game (for now). Wendell is not so game. We'll see how it goes. 


Honolulu Aunty said...

Good luck!

On a note about meat - I have a friend who has her doctorate (PhD!) in nutrition. For almost all her adult life, she was a very strict vegetarian. She was overweight, and would complain about her health - being positive that she would die soon from some heart disorder, or whatever. I jokingly told her that she needs meat.

I saw her a few months after that and she told us how she HAD to eat some fish because a guest had brought it to their house. The next day, she felt like a window had been opened up in her body and mind. Since then, she eats chicken, fish, and occasionally beef - which has the highest source of iron, of which she was deficient.

Some people do well as vegans/vegetarians. For me, I gotta eat what appeals to me and so I totally enjoy my plate lunches, etc.

Soooo. If Wendell cooks his onolicious meat and you don't eat it, WHO gets the leftovers??? I'm game, lol.

jalna said...

Thank you, Aunty!! As always I highly value your comments and opinions and will take what you said to heart. Landon is going gung-ho for a month and will see what results from it before deciding how he'll handle food for the rest of this life. I've been a little less strict and have allowed myself some fishcake and an almond cookie. I'll let Wendell know that you're game for his leftovers! Hahaha!

Susan said...

Interesting! My friend told us to watch "Forks Over Knives"on Netflix and after watching it we realized we needed to cut out meat and substitute it with fish. (Wild caught, no farmed fish) Well, it was difficult. My husband did cut chicken out of his diet because unlike the states, a lot of our chicken doesn't say it's hormone and antibiotic free. so he couldn't see himself eating it. We would once in awhile buy organic chicken but it really is expensive here. I don't eat much meat myself but we haven't cut it out completely. I guess eating a lot of beans and greens can give you the protein. I'm interested in seeing the end result of Landon's meatless month😊

jalna said...

I'll watch that next chance I get, Susan. I really hope this works out for Landon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Honolulu Aunty. I go to a Chines Herbalist/Acupuncturist and their philosophy is all about balance and every body is different so what might be good for you may not be good for me. Each food has a specific energy so depending on your body constitution, you should eat more/less of it. She says most Americans need to eat more vegetables, but never had she said to not eat meat of any kind. They also don't recommend eating too many raw foods. (Sashimi, green salads, etc.) As it is too cooling for the body.

Don't mean to go on and on. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!


jalna said...

That's soooooo interesting, Izsmom!!! For me, I'm actually kinda relieved to be not eating meat right now. Even though I enjoy the taste (pork belly especially), I always feel guilty when I'm eating meat. I feel bad that the animal got killed. Dunno why, but I'm kinda shame to admit that. And if I do eventually become a vegetarian, I might not tell people because I don't want them feeling bad about eating meat in front of me.