Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Laney Hobo Bag

I'd been wanting to make a hobo bag and found a nice pattern here:  Laney Hobo Bag.  Cute, yah. It has a Pellon interfacing which keeps the bag from drooping.


It's supposed to be reversible, but I sewed in a lanyard with an attached coin purse, so you kinda can't use it inside out. The adorable slippah zipper pull was given to me by my friend, Al. Thanks Al!!

I asked coworker Julie to model the bag for me so that you can see its size. 

Anybody want the bag?  First one to email me at can have it. I'll update this post if/when it goes. 

Update:  One of my favorite readers just e-mailed me and wants the bag!  I'm supah happy.  Stay tuned . . . cute cell-phone holder is coming up real soon.


K and S said...

nice design!

jalna said...

Yah, I l ike it too, Kat.

Susan said...

Love the colors!

alibaba37 said...

Cute, I love hobo bags and what a great size. I love that you re-purpose fabrics/bags. You're so creative!

Erick said...

That is one BIG bag!

Kay said...

Oh wow! You make the cutest bags. You should open a shop.

Nippon Nin said...

Love the fabric!

Leslie's pics said...

so cute!! I like how you attached the coin purse, nice touch!

jalna said...

Thanks, Susan.

Awww, thanks, Alibaba.

Erick, it actually came out a bit bigger than I thought it would.

Thanks, Kay. I'm surprised my interest has lasted this long. I have a feeling, I'll be winding down soon.

Akemi, a coworker gave me the fabric!

Thanks, Les!

1DecentApple said...

Yay! Slippah Zippah Pullah looks cute! So glad you could make use of them!!!

jalna said...

Yah, Al . . . they're soooo cute!!