Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Eggplant with Pork and Fried Tofu

The sum total of all of my culinary knowledge went into making this one dish. In fact the eggplant portion I only just learned when trying to figure out how to do this.


The tofu part of the dish I learned from Hiromi on NHK World TV.

Put cut-up tofu between paper towels and put some weight on it for around 15 minutes. Me, I just left it on until I was ready to cook.

I learned this method for cooking the eggplant from Serious Eats. It said that soaking the eggplant in salted water allows some of its cell structures to break down, allowing it to soften more efficiently when cooked. It added that cooking the eggplant until charred delivers the best, deepest flavor. I soaked the eggplant in 1/4 cup of Hawaiian salt and dunno-how-much water for around 20 minutes. Then I patted dry with a paper towel.

I heated a pan until it was hot hot hot, lowered the heat a little bit and added some oil. Then I carefully added in the tofu. 

I removed the tofu, added more oil and threw in the eggplant. I wanted the charred effect to get the "best, deepest flavor", but I small-kine overdid it.

I took out the eggplant and set it aside with the tofu while I browned the meat.

I bought this thinly sliced pork from Marukai.  I fried it up with three cloves of minced garlic.

Then I added around 2 tbs. of oyster sauce and 1 tbs. of shoyu.

I mixed 1 tsp. of this bouillon base and 1 tsp. of cornstarch with around 1 cup of water and added it to the pork.

Finally, I threw the eggplant and tofu back into the pan and tossed it around to absorb the succulent juices. LOL . . . "succulent juices" . . .

I meant to add in some green onions at the end, but I forgot. 


Honolulu Aunty said...

OOOOOOOHHHHH! Looks so ono - and YOU cooked!

It reminds me of the pork eggplant tofu from Misuzu's on King Street. It was the best, and we miss that small hole in the wall restaurant with its sizzling platter of teriyaki steak or chicken, fried akule, etc.

I gotta try this recipe, thanks!!

Lorna said...

Oh, that looks good. I love tofu and nasubi!!! And I also love pork! Great idea, and I'm gonna try it.

Anonymous said...

j: looks ono, I going try one day - got all my fave stuff inside (love dunno how much watah) -N

mmiissee said...

mmmmm....looks so ono.

K and S said...

looks good!

jalna said...

Surprise yah, Aunty! Hope you get to try it.

Me too, Lorna. Those are my favorite foods too.

N, LOL. I feel like eating it again.

Thanks, Mmiissee.

Thanks, Kat!

Mark Shelby said...

Jalna......I want to hire you and Wendall for my new restaurant I dream of, so I can retire young! .....hehe ; )

We would be the talk of the town my Sistah! ; )

jalna said...

LOL, Mark. Thanks!

jenny said...

Wait, so was this good or wat? :) Looks good!

Leslie's pics said...

I'm sooo gonna try this one...gotta find that bottle first!

jalna said...

Was good, Jenny.

Yay, Les!!

Mark Shelby said...

Jalna, did you know that eggplant falls into the super food category? Along with Olive Oil and many others.

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jalna said...

It does, Mark? That's great 'cause I love eggplant. Thanks for the link. Gonna check it out now.

Kay said...

Oh man... Your whole family is full of chefs! You are amazing!

jalna said...

Not me, Kay.

1DecentApple said...

The cooking surface of your pan looks interesting. What kind of pan is it? Maybe I'd know if I cooked more often yeah?

jalna said...

It's a T-fal pan, Al. Wendell bought it, and I liked it, so when I saw a smaller version at a garage sale, I bought that too.

Randism said...

Mmmmmm; looks so ono; as you know, i'm thinking about just doing the tofu part but adding the other ingredients looks fantastic. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Made it tonite for Easter eve eve dinner with the family. Yum! It was a hit even though I used beef broth powder cube. Thank you!!

jalna said...

Great Anonymous!!