Thursday, August 21, 2014


My mom always, always makes sure she puts on sunscreen before going out.  Now I know why she still looks good.

Thanks Rand!


Lorna said...

Oh . . . I'd be afraid to look at myself (it's hard enough to look at myself with regular lighting). :-)

Erick said...

The sunscreen makes you look so weird. I hate sunscreen, I better start using it more often.

Mark Shelby said...

I have had skin cancer twice!

Once on my neck and once on my nose! YIKES!

Very scary! Too many years of playing on Waikiki Beach as a young boy from the 1950's on! And surfing off Diamond Head with no sunscreen all day long!

In the old days. Nobody knew about skin cancer and the need for sunscreen. Remember when the girls would lather on baby oil, thinking it would make them more tan?

Remember the Tropical Deep Tanning Oil? It sure smelled good!

After two bouts with skin cancer, my doc told me to wear a hat and sunscreen! And stay out of the sun from 11am to 2pm!

But Wow Wow Lau Lau! That cramps my style!

So now I lather it on when the time is right!

Anonymous said...

wow! I will be waaaay more diligent in my use of sunscreen from now on!
This video really drives the point home. Thanks.

jalna said...

Ditto, Lorna!

For real, Erick. Maybe try find one that's not so greasy.

OMG Mark . . . scary.

Me too, Anon.

Nippon Nin said...

I'm starting to get age spots. I wish I know about sun damage long ago. I now use Japanese sunscreen lotion, which is light, not greasy.

jalna said...

I got lots of age spot, Akemi.

Randism said...

i'm a terrible example; i understand it's important but when i'm at the tennis courts, i don't wanna wait to hit; i just walk right on and start hitting instead of putting the sunscreen on; and i don't like the way it feels or smells. sigh... but you know what? when you look at someone really young, you know what's so obvious? their healthy skin....

jalna said...

Luckily for me, Rand, putting on sunscreen is a routine part of my "putting on my face".