Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kristen and Family

Hi everybody!  Thanks for being so patient.  I had a really nice break.

Wanted to return to blogging with photos of Kristen and her family. We met a few weeks ago at the Hawaii Railway Society in Ewa. They were such a fun group and were totally game to my suggestions despite the HEAT.  Thanks Kristen!  I had fun!










K and S said...

nice to see you back :)

jenny said...

Yay welcome back Jalna! The pictures are wonderful - gorgeous families! :)

Erick said...

Welcome back! Great family shots, the railroad track shot is so cool.

Anonymous said...

J: missed ya girl! Glad the time off helped, get recharged and all that Very nice family and photos. Welcome Back -N

Leslie's pics said...

That's so awesome...I wish I coulda been there with you, instead I had to go to the beach, get burnt and wipe my nephew's doo doo butt :(

jalna said...

Thanks Kat!

Thank you, Jenny.

Thanks for the idea, Erick.

Thanks N!

Sounded like the kids had good fun, Les.

Dd said...

OMG..the family with the autistic son...he was my bartendar for years and years..they used to live in our building. Whats the connection ??

jalna said...

I met Kristen when I did a photo shoot for T & L Muumuu Factory.

Dd said...

I wonder if they are sisters ?? its the family thats all in blue

jalna said...

Didi, photo no. 3 . . . two sisters, a brother and mom in red in the middle.

Mark Shelby said...

OK!....Everybody strike a pose! ....Wheeeeeeee!

I have been there and took the train ride. Old Ewa Train Station right?

So Fun Jalna!

Thanks for sharing!

jalna said...

Heeeeey Mark . . . that's exactly what I said! LOL!!!

DNakamaru said...

awesome shots as usual - especially the last one!
Welcome back!

jalna said...

Thanks Dean!

Nippon Nin said...

Welcome back Jalna! What a nice family portrait. I love the last one the best. But...what's with the snow cap? He looks cute in it though, looks way too HOT...wait, that's his intention?