Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Puff Paratha

Say what?  Puff Paratha?  Never heard of it?  Me too . . . until pal Shar told me about it. It comes frozen, five in a pack. Around $4 . . . I think . . . I kinda forget already.


She directed me to this obscure (to me) Asian-type market on Kaumualii Street.  I loved the market . . . it's spacious and clean and got all kine stuff.

I was shocked when I opened up the package.  I didn't expect it to be doughy, so I had thrown it into the 'fridge instead of the freezer when I got home.  Each piece comes sandwiched between plastic sheets and WHEN FROZEN easily peels off.

I fried it up in a little bit (no need too much) of Hokkaido butter (because I have!!!).  It puffs up and browns in seconds.

Aunty had it with her hamburger stew.  I've eaten it several times already.  I looooooove it.  I gotta go back and buy some more.

Here's the hamburger stew recipe if you like um:  Jalna's Hamburger Stew.


Les said...

oooh that looks kinda yummy! I wanna try!

Susan said...

Mmm, your stew looks scrumptious! Haven't seen that puff thingee here.

Erick said...

Wow, looks ono. Is it an Indian bread? Sort of looks like it.

jalna said...

I'll buy for you next time I go, Les.

Thanks, Susan. First time for me with the puff thing too.

I think it might be, Erick.

Anonymous said...

You can also get Paratha at the Indian Market in Moilili at 2357 S Beretania St.

They also have stuffed paratha which is filled with curried potatoes and vegetables - so good. Gotta keep it frozen until you cook it though.


renee said...

Your stew looks delicious!

Mokihana said...

Maybe I should check Asian markets ova hea for that!!

Mark Shelby said...

Jalna.....why you like try make me stay so hungry? .....hehe

Anonymous said...

looks like a roti prata.

jalna said...

Myra, I pass by that store all the time! Gotta go check it out now . . . especially for the one with the filling! Thanks!

Thanks Renee. It's plain though so you gotta season to taste.

For sure, Moki!

Funny, Mark. Cannot help.

I had to look up "roti prata", Anon. Looks like already got butter or oil in it. Maybe I no need put butter in the pan when I fry it up.

Nippon Nin said...

OK I have to write this name down too. Looks delicious! I have many places to visit in Hawaii thanks to you.

jalna said...

I hope you get to try it, Akemi!

Mark Shelby said...

Oh No! That sign! It's not Snow Ice!

It's Shave Ice!

Where is this?

jalna said...

Hahahaha. Mark, it's in the Kalihi area between King and Nimitz.

Unknown said...

this paratha is awesome.. i always buy 5 pieces packet for $1.59 at Oakland chinatown asian market , California.. :)