Monday, June 17, 2013

My Handwriting

The other day I was looking at my handwriting and noticed that my i dots were not really dots, but more like slashes instead. I wondered what that might mean analysis-wise.  

One source said, "Jabbing i dots that go downward and to the right show a domineering angry irritation".  Whoa!  So harsh! Another source agreed that I get "irritated at petty things".  Whaaat??!  How rude.  How dare they say such things about me.  That's so irritating.

I also learned that capital letters in a word always reflect the ego, while the rest of the word symbolizes others, the rest of the world. When the capital letter is joined to the rest of the word or has only a tiny gap between it and the next letter, the nature will be friendly, open and quite congenial.  The writer wishes to make contact; it is a welcoming sign.  So, okay, that's more like it.

An inflated lower loop shows that the writer continuously wants to change scenery and/or associations, and likes interesting and diversified activities. 

Initial strokes that go downward to the baseline shows directness and one who operates efficiently and only with fundamentals. 

Inverted V-wedges in the letter n shows investigative thinking, one who searches for original sources and wants to learn and to explore.


Isn't it interesting?!  If you wanna start analyzing your own writing, you can start with your i dot.  

As a general rule the closer the i dot is in the formation of the i, it suggests extra attention to detail.  And on the contrary the farther away the i dot, it reflects the writer's trait of possessing less attention to detail.

The precisely placed i dot just above the stem points out the character traits of accuracy and perfection.  The writer shows strong adherence to detail and possesses excellent memory.

When the i dot is missing, the writer possesses lack of attention to detail or is forgetful, careless and negligent.  In a writing where an i dot is placed relatively near the stem, and occasionally few  dots are completely missing, it shows that the writer loves to follow only the essential details which are mandatory but the trivial details tend to be easily ignored. 

An i dot which is placed to the left side of the stem is a sure sign of procrastination.  It also points out lack of self confidence, and may represent a writer who loves to live in the past. On the other hand the i dot placed to the right of the stem signifies the future and points out the traits of eagerness to move on.  The writer reveals the attitude of impatience and a trait of being in rush all the time. The writer shows speed and the desire to finish the tasks quickly without paying attention to precise detail.

Dots which are places as circles or drawn as any other shape points out the immature behavior of the writer and a deep desire to be noticed.

When the dot shape comes out to be more of a dash it represents energy and irritability.

If the shape of the i dot appears to be like commas or arcs it reveals a humorous nature of the writer. 

So, which one is you?


jenny said...

lol this post made me laugh and is very insightful! i'll check out my writing tomorrow to see how the i looks - your handwriting looks great by the way! mine is oh so messy.

jalna said...

It's been fun checking out other people's writing Jenny. I still don't know enough by heart to critique, but it's interesting to see the different styles of penmanship.

Lorna said...

You have beautiful hand-writing. The downward slash instead of the i dot seems to give your cursive a bit of an oriental feel!

Nippon Nin said...

So funny! I enjoyed the post very much. It was interesting too. I decided to write perfectly so as to have perfect personality?

jalna said...

Awww, that's a nice way to view it Lorna. Thanks.

Me too Akemi. I'm trying to dot my i's nicer now. Hahaha.

Randism said...

like i said before you posted this, your handwriting is fantastic! if i could, i would use your handwriting as a model to create a brand new font called Jalna!

Leslie's pics said...

ohmygoodness, I'm worried about my analysis...

Erick said...

Cool about the I's. That is all you pay for cable?

jalna said...

You too funny, Rand.

Hahahaha, Les. You know I no trust my analysis any more.

That's what I pay Erick. Is that cheap?