Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mushroom Ice

I've been stuck at home with a sore back, so am spending my time surfing the 'net.  I thought this was so cool that I wanted to share. I found it on a Hokkaido Likers Facebook page.

This mushroom-like sculpture, which seems to be growing directly out of the snow, is an annual sight at Lake Nukabira. It’s called “Mushroom Ice” and it can be seen from February through the first half of March. This year it was even featured in national newspapers, increasing its fame a bit. A few years ago, visitors actually came to pick the rare winter “mushrooms.”

Of course these aren’t mushrooms growing out of the snow. They’re actually stumps on the bottom of the lake. During the winter, the water in the lake is depleted by tens of centimeters everyday for local hydro-electric power. As the water level goes down, so does the ice on the top. Once the water gets down low enough, you can see the stumps on the bottom of the lake catch the ice and wear it like a hat.

The mushroom ice changes greatly every year depending on the thickness of the ice, the level of the water and other conditions during the winter. This year there was a quite a full crop so you might still be able to catch a few. If you have a chance, try to make it to the lake to see the mushrooms before they’re gone. They won’t stay much longer!

(Location: Hokkaido, Town of Kamishihoro, Nukabira)
(Photographer: Ryoji Iwasaki -


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your back is out again, if you can tolerate HEAT...marukais sells this chili pepper patch it's cheap. It one large plaster that you cut to size.It keeps hot all day and isn't as cumbersome like those thick heated ones.Its a mustard colors pkg. if you can take the heat it's good.Take care.

waibu said...

Awesome pics of da Ice. Sorry yo back is sore. Why da feet keep growing?

Ooo gotta get sugar. I going try make da mochi. Ok, plastic spoon and plastic bowl, thanks for the tip.

I hope I no blow up the micro with mochi splatter that going take days fo scrape off and everybody all piss I did with the apple pie. KA BOOM!

jalna said...

That patch sounds great Anon . . . especially if it's cheap. Thanks for the tip.

Waibu, I think my feet getting fat like me. So funny about your apple pie. LOL!

mmiissee said...

Hope your back gets better, Jalna.

Nippon Nin said...

I was laughing so hard reading Waibu's comment.

OK seriously, I'm so sorry to hear your back is out again(?). I hope it will be 'in' soon. Not funny I know. I just wanted to say, take care.

The picture is awesome!

jalna said...

Thanks Mmiissee.

Waibu cracks me up too Akemi. Yeah, my back sucks.