Monday, March 11, 2013

Katch Time

My plan for yesterday was to finally walk around in the Kakaako area and get some photos of their murals. Wendell's softball games got cancelled, so I was relieved of Aunty-sitting duties.  But . . . rain, rain, rain and more rain hampered my plans. I went to my mom's house in the morning to wait it out. By the afternoon, when it became apparent that it wasn't gonna let up, I decided to do go anyway and check out the one mural that I really, really wanted to shoot most . . . Katch's.

I had staked out the area earlier, so I knew exactly where to go. It was still raining hard when I got there, but I was determined . . . or stubborn . . . or stoopid . . . so I got out of my car and started shooting. I hurried . . . it took me about 2 minutes. Me and my camera still got pretty wet. But it was worth it. Check out his work below . . . and you'll see why . . . he is my favorite.


katch time1a

katch time2a

katch time3a

katch time4a

katch time5a

katch time6a

katch time7a

katch time8a

katch time9a

katch time10a

katch time11a

If you're in the area, go check it out.  It's on the Makai side of Auahi between Keawe and Coral.


DNakamaru said...

Very cool!

jalna said...

I agree Dean . . . Katch's work is very, very cool!!

celia said...

This is my favorite, I am impressed with how he used the existing grills to create a scene. I don't know if Katch titled it. I refer to it as sad clocks. They know their future. Jalna, I am glad you focused on the different parts of this mural. There is so much detail. Great job!!!

Dd said...

awesome...totally felt like I was watching a movie.... ;o}

SW said...

wow cool what is your secret in capturing such vibrant colors in your murals..esp. on such an overcast day? jellos!

Erick said...

Way cool! Love all the details, I like go. Major Flavor Jellos.

jalna said...

I owe my thanks to you Celia. I didn't know about the mural until I saw it on your blog.

Aww, thanks Didi.

Thanks Shun Wah. I always try to use a polarizing filter when I shoot murals, although I don't know if it helps on overcast days. I also underexpose my shots a little bit and then lighten with curves in Lightroom.

Les said...

Wow, this is a nice one...I drive around Kakaako all the time, I can't believe I haven't seen it. The weather was crappy but at least the lighting was nice eh? :)

jalna said...

Les, the mural lies perpendicular to the street and it's inside of a parking lot so it's not 'bam' visible, especially if you're driving. The lighting coulda been a tad brighter, but I loved the cloud cover.

Thanks Erick. I'm "Major Flavor Jellos" of your Audrey Hepburn shoot. You totally did an awesome job.

Nippon Nin said...


jalna said...

I agree, Akemi!