Tuesday, March 12, 2013

After the Rain

When I went outside of my house to water my plants early yesterday morning I noticed how cool the reflected light coming from the house looked on the water drops that were resting on the leaves of my avocado plant.  I ran back into the house to grab my camera which I fitted with my macro lens.  

It was really, really hard with the limited available light in the dark.  Some shots that I envisioned were impossible to achieve without a tripod and I'm just too lazy to bust it out.  I took a gazillion pictures and when I looked at them on my computer I realized that most hadn't come out.  I went back out to try again . . . it had become a skosh brighter by then, making it a little easier.








Nippon Nin said...

Super nice photos! Absolutely beautiful! You should open a photo gallery.

Les said...

wow!! awesome! Damn 100mm!!

K and S said...


celia said...

Love these pictures. I am glad you saw the reflections and you seized the moment. Thank goodness for the rain.

jalna said...

Awww thanks Akemi. I always love your photos.

Good lens, Les. LOL!

Thanks Kat.

Yah, gotta seize those moments, Celia!

Randism said...

i'd say those pictures are awesome; very, very good! outstanding!

Susan said...

Omg! Love!

jalna said...

Thanks Rand!

Thank you Susan!