Sunday, August 15, 2010

Natsu Matsuri - Da Food

There is just so much to share from the Natsu Matsuri at the Pacific Beach Hotel festival. I'm starting with the most important stuff - Da Food!! The festival has been going on every Friday and Saturday since July 16th. The last day of the festival will be on August 28th. They cram A LOT of stuff into a small area so it is crowded, but it's choke good fun. Parking is a problem, I know. I parked at the zoo and walked over. They have a new system at the zoo parking lot where you either use your debit/credit card or QUARTERS (no bills). It's $1.00/hour. I fed in about $4 .00 worth 'cause the last thing I wanna do while I'm picture taking is worry about getting a parking ticket.

As soon as I got there and was checking out the food booths, this girl offered me free cotton candy!! I knew everything was gonna be awright after that. Celia, thanks so much for "holding" the candy for me . . . you are just so thoughtful.

IMG_3188a IMG_3192a IMG_3195a IMG_3350a

I asked these total strangers if I could take a picture of them with their food and every single one of them was so obliging. It was awesome. I just loved it!


Shun Wah . . . not quite a total stranger, but obliging just the same!


Dd said...

sooo....was that homemade shirataki...that that gal is "squeezing" out of that box thing ??

Dd said...

PS-Did you get to see Dazz Toguchi ??

jalna said...

Didi, I have no idea what that was. OMG Dazz came to talk to us at the end of the night! I was like so excited, I was babbling. He was soooooo nice.

Betty Townsend said...

I was wondering too what was that being squeezed out of the box thing. The food all looked great.

jalna said...

The food did look good. Next time I'll know not to eat before going.

K and S said...

so fun!

Les said...

looks like I missed out! Not totally though...I went to eat sushi with Kat at Zenshu :)

jalna said...

Kat, it was fun. Looked like the kids there had the most fun.

Les, I might go back on the 28th. My good friend Dazz asked us to come back on that day. It's gonna be their last day.

mmiissee said...

Wow...I was in Waikiki last night and I never knew about this event. Do they have this every year? how much is the scripts?

Randism said...

wow brown cow; i'm so glad i read your post; i neva know dat was going on; will go dis friday and enjoy da food; arigatoooooo!

Les said...

your good friend Dazz?? AHAHAHAAAAA!! :D

jalna said...

mmiissee, not sure if they have it every year. The scripts were $1 per, and you just buy what you need. I got the shave ice which was $3, so I just bought 3 scripts.

Rand you're gonna enjoy it. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

jalna said...

Whaaaaat Les. He when talk to me, and I gave him my ghetto card.

Renee said...

tell didi that thing being squeezed out of the box is called tokoroten. it is soooo delish ... you eat it cold with lemon and shoyu. i remember grandma kihara preparing this dish ... so refreshing on a hot day!!!

omg ... what a coincedence. dazz toguchi performed today at mrs. nakaguma's birthday celebration. he's such an awesome dancer ... so light on his feet, and he sure has such a nice personality. did you know that he's also a singer and is producing a cd which will soon be available at shirokiya and hakubundo. yes, i was babbling with him, too (hey, we must be related (hahaha)!!!

Erick said...

Yes, the food was so good. I wish I could try everything. Nice food shots. You know I have a similar shot of Shun-Wah eating shave ice, she must really love it.

Renee said...

P.S. soooo nice to see your mom today at mrs. nakaguma's party! i'm sure your mom shared with you on dazz's performance. so cute your mom ... she was sooo excited to see him perform. if you should meet up with him again, mention to him that we're related (don't know if he'll remember me, but he asked for my name and number and gave me his business card). better yet, mention my dad's or mrs. nakaguma's name ... he knows them very well. :)

jalna said...

I can't believe it, Renee. Dazz said that he was gonna be performing at a birthday party. I had no idea it was Aunty Edna's! So funny!

Me too Erick. I only ate the shave ice.

SW said...

I CAN'T believe you were such a people magnet that you got so many people to pose for you! Esp. those eating! :-) Glad you were able to make it..

jalna said...

It's so nice hanging out with you guys. I really enjoy it Shun Wah.