Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lobster King Lunch

I finally checked out Lobster King yesterday and picked up some take-out. Like the reviews they've been getting, we also got a mixed bag of reactions to our selections. I'll start with the very good and work my way to the very bad.

Runa totally scored with the Minute Chicken Chow Mein ($8.50). It was very, very ono. I liked the skinny noodles.

Joy ordered the Vegetable with Iceberg Lettuce Wrap ($7.95). It was also very good.

I ordered the Won Ton Noodle Soup ($8.00). The won ton was good, and so was the broth. One small-kine complaint . . . isn't Won Ton Noodle Soup supposed to have NOODLES in it???

Julie said her Beef with Bitter Melon ($9.75!!!!) was veeeeeeery bitter.

Doesn't this Lunch Plate ($8.50) look good? Wayne gave it a thumbs down. He said it was mostly tasteless and the spareribs was hard.

When I opened up this Chinese Chicken Salad ($7.95) I actually felt sorry for Leslie. Shouldn't Chinese Chicken Salad have CHICKEN in it?

Erick was at Lobster King when I went to pick up my order. I called him later and asked about his food. They had ordered Lobster with Black Bean, some casserole dish and something else. He said that all three items were really good.


Betty Townsend said...

Won Ton Min soup has the noodles. "Min" is the noodles. :) The chicken chow min entree looked awesome. Your soup looked good too as did the other entrees. I love bitter melon but I've never had the dish where the melon was actually bitter. Chicken salad without any chicken? Making me hungry!

jalna said...

Hahahaha Betty, that's what Les said. She said next time I should say, "Won Ton Min" instead of "Won Ton Noodle". Les said she did have tiny slivers of chicken in her salad.

Erick said...

Won Ton min no noodles, chicken salad no chicken. I should be happy we got lobster in our lobster with black beans. I agree, so stuffs good, some stuffs not so good. But it is close and cheaper than Panda.

jalna said...

I think I would go again if I felt like eating minute chicken with noodle. That was really good.

Les said...

I can't believe i never saw this post...i was waiting for it! My salad was soooo yummy I can't wait to eat it again! sad yah? I think I could've made a better one myself, at least I would've put chicken in it!!

jalna said...

Howdahell yeah, one place that can make so ono minute chicken noodle cannot make a good chinese chicken salad. Maybe cause it's not authentic chinese food.