Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Stuff at Ross

I went to two Rosses yesterday!

I bought this "Product of Italy" pasta.  It was $4.79.  


When I got home I boiled up two of the coils and added a bit of giardiniera, salami and cheese to it. I cooked it a little longer than the recommended 6 minutes, but it still came out very al dente, just how I like it.


Tortilla Soup Mix ($2.99)


Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix ($2.99)


Tri-color Penne Pasta ($3.99)


Mini Fry Pan ($4.99)


Cocktail Mixes ($4.99)


Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette ($3.99). 


Organic Sesame Tamari Vinaigrette ($4.99).  I bought this but haven't tried it yet.


Harry & David Pepper and Onion Relish ($4.29)


Milka Oreo Chocolate Thing made in Austria ($3.99).  I got this for Wendell 'cause he likes Oreos. 


Serrano & Basil Hot Sauce ($4.99)


Potato Gnocchi ($2.99)


Coconut Macaroons ($4.99)



Anonymous said...

hoo mama! your ross's expeditions rival your swap meet finds! that pasta you made looks so ono. simple too.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Hmmm. I went to the Hawaii Kai Ross yesterday and didn't see all those goodies there. You must have bought them all before I got there!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Score!


K and S said...

all kinds of great finds!

Susan said...

I have to go when it opens to find anything decent like you. Great buys!

Chet Colson said...

With the cost of inflation impacting food costs, got to shop places that don't charge retail prices if can. For the seniors citizens like us on a fixed income and budget, we have to shop smart.

jalna said...

V, shopping at Ross is similar to swap meet shopping because you never know what you'll find. It's like treasure hunting.

Aunty, LOL.

Izsmom, I know!! Wendell liked the Oreo thing too!

Kat, fun.

Susan, and you're so lucky they open so early for you.

Chet, I agree!

Anonymous said...

i was craving a pizza today and Iliili Cash & Carry has one with giardiniera and sausage so I tried it. It looked disappointing because could barely tell there was any giardiniera beacause it was diced really small but I liked it, had a nice tang and the veggies were crunchy. it said it is Michele Obama's favorite pizza. I did add some pickled jalapenos because wanted a little heat. Perfect!

jalna said...

V, uuuuuuu, that sounds so good!!!

Akiko said...

This is almost as good as your swap meet posts!
I use that mini frying pan almost every day; good for frying eggs and small stuff!

jalna said...

Hey Akiko! Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

and another thing....I made up a batch of the giardiniera veggies but of course don't have all the ingredients so I used Italian dressing and the juice from the pickled jalapenos. Plus, don't have olives so I used the kalamata olives. Came out pretty good for being so lazy, LOL.

jalna said...

V, that is totally my style! Sounds so good to me.