Monday, December 2, 2019

Swap Meet Finds

It was a drizzly day at the swap meet this past weekend which resulted in a lot less sellers than usual. I have just a few buys to share with you.

Body wash (2/$5)

Minion duct tape ($1)

Two pillow cases ($2)


Chet Colson said...

You can find hidden gems at the swap meet. The mark-up at the retail level is ridiculous sometimes, you have to shop around.

Anonymous said...

Cute the duct tape!


K and S said...

great finds!

Susan said...

Love the minion duct tape!

jalna said...

Chet, sometimes it's hard for me to buy things at regular price.

Izsmom, I couldn't resist.

Kat, thanks!

Susan, I love it too!

Kay said...

I do enjoy seeing all your great buys.

Leslie's pics said...

so cute the minions!

jalna said...

Kay, thanks!

Les, I couldn't resist.