Monday, March 18, 2019

Gouache Paint

Gouache paint is an opaque watercolor-type paint. I never thought that I'd like it because I prefer the translucency of watercolor. But I found that you CAN get it to be fairly translucent by mixing it with a lot of water.

You also can get great coverage like acrylics if you use less (or no) water and I like that it dries to a matte finish.

I did the painting below entirely with gouache. I totally copied an illustration done by Spanish artist Esther Gili in her book called Olivia Y Las Plumas.  I love love love her work.


The paint dries solid like this, but rewets easily with water.

Would you believe I was able to get all the different colors by using just these four tubes of paint?  I have a bunch (Ross good deal), so if you want to try (for free) let me know (, and I'll send you some.

Here's a YouTube video that I thought was excellent at explaining gouache paint.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Neat!


Honolulu Aunty said...

Neat, but not for me. Still need a lot of control and once it is laid down, it is down. I use acrylic paints - much more forgiving. Am thinking of going into oils - but first have to clear my life of too much stuff that needs doing.

Love how you are evolving! I have a couple of small rubber stamps for you - one day we will run into each other.

Susan said...

Really nice!

K and S said...

so cool!

jalna said...

Izsmom, it's fun too!

Aunty, so much to discover!

Thanks Susan.

Kat, I love Esther Gili's artwork.

Mark Shelby said...

Paint ON! My Favorite most Kewlist Auntie! Wheeee! ; )

jalna said...

Thanks Mark!

Mark Shelby said...

Jalna, you Really are getting Very Good at Painting! I'm Serious! Keep Going!

jalna said...

LOL, thanks Mark!

Kay said...

You are totally amazing! I’ve never seen that at Ross!

jalna said...

Kay, it's in a Faber Castelle set that got marked down to $1.49. I might've bought um all though. LOL.