Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kauai Salt Winnah!

At least had more than two people who entered the giveaway this time! Yay!


As usual, I asked Wendell to do the picking. 




Tammy!  You won!  Can you email me with your mailing address? Congratulations!

If I ever get more Kauai salt, I'll be sure to have another giveaway.  In the meantime . . . stay tuned for a Hello Kitty giveaway soon!


jenny said...

Congrats Tammy!!

Julie said...

~ Looking forward to the next Kitty/puppy charm, tote bag, salt, etc... giveaway!

Anonymous said...

j: think you can appreciate this story about freezing up when ordering. Went to the new Foodland after my doc. Hoo da big and da people and da lines! Anyway went to the HI Steak section and waited like 15 minutes in line. Take long time cuz gotta weight all the portions and only get one guy weighing and then slicing the steak or chicken. Lots of ppl ordering the different combo plate lunch but I wanted it for dinner so just wanted portions, not the plate.
So I told the guy I wanted one piece each steak and chicken. He then said, we sell it by the pound. For some reason that nevah penetrate this makule brain. So I repeated again, one piece, etc. He then repeats to me his stuff.
Finally it penetrates and now I choke up. One piece = how many lbs? I dunno, I can't visualize. So I blurted 1 lb steak, 1/2 lb. chicken. Finally get to the slicer dude, there's a tall plastic partition so hard to talk so I gotta tip toe. I saw how little the portions I chose and told the slicer instead of only a half a chicken I want the whole thing. He just nodded and smiled and nevah do nothing. It's kinda loud there.
Then he new food came out and he was busy slicing and weighing again. So little while latahz he came back to my food and I tip toe and start yelling again. I am now holding up the entire line. So shame, but finally I got what I wanted and just wen hele outta there. I thought Jalna will enjoy this story. -N

jalna said...

Hello Kitty giveaway next, Julie!!

Hahahahahaha, N!!!! I can just imagine!! Thank you so much for all my goodies!!! So so so so generous and thoughtful of you. I neva try the drink yet. It's in the fridge. For sure tomorrow.

KitTKat said...

i thought i won cause Les said you gave her something for me. But, yay anyways cause i got something from you. Thank you! i Still neva getum yet tho.

jalna said...

It's only small-kine stuff, Kat.