Saturday, September 24, 2016

Genki Sushi is Open

We had heard that Genki Sushi was open again so Wendell and I decided to lend some support yesterday. Plus we were hungry, and it was a good excuse to eat some rice. 

You can check out their menu here


It was only my second time there. 

Was kinda sad to see all the empty seats.

Here's what we started with. 

California Roll

Spicy Tuna

Seared Spicy Salmon


Tiger Roll

Salmon Onion


Salmon Skin Roll

Fried Squid

Karaage Salmon

Our waiter said that they're having a customer appreciation event next weekend . . . 9/30, 10/1/ and 10/2. Everything will be 10% off! Maybe we'll check them out again!


Anonymous said...

j: Genki needs a strong PR team to make their re-opening positive and wipe out the negative images of the outbreak. Not their fault at all but folks at least for now, will associate Hep A w/ them. The press says the public have a short term memory for that kind of stuff but will Genki have the financial chops to weather it out until it gets to normal. -N

Honolulu Aunty said...

Looks really good! Maybe I'll go too.

jalna said...

N, very true . . . I wonder if they'll make it out okay.

I enjoyed it, Aunty!

Susan said...

The close up pics of the sushi look so yummy! I'd go there. They have this in the PI, but definitely not up to par with good Japanese sushi.

DNakamaru said...

Me and Dawn went 2 times last week. Both times had lots of people. We not scared. Haha. We'll be there for the 10% off!!

jalna said...

Susan, what about on Guam? Do you have sushi places there?

Yay, Dean!!

Dd said...


Susan said...

Jalna, lotsa sushi places here. We frequent one of them. They usually win the title of best sushi place on the island. We should try the other smaller places though. We might find another gem : ) Sushi so expensive so we don't go as often as we want. When we went to Japan we found the 100 yen a plate sushi place and we took advantage, lol. We only spent about $25 for the 3 of us!!!

Leslie's pics said...

wow, i've never seen it that empty. I hope it gets busy again soon!

jalna said...

Dd, that was my favorite. I ordered it twice!

Ho, SCORE in Japan, Susan!

Les, Dean said that they've gone after they opened and it was crowded!

Unknown said...

It must be my peasant blood, but I love musubi way more than sushi!

jalna said...

I loooooove musubi too, Lorna!

Kay said...

10% off...
Do you know I've never eaten there. This looks yummy, but I'm not supposed to eat carbs anymore. Sigh...

jalna said...

Actually, me too, Kay.