Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Joy and Family









Les said...

so cute! Hi Joy!

jalna said...

So big the kids getting yah, Les.

jenny said...

look at that hot shot cameo at the end! great pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey isn't that Jake Shimabukuro in the last photo? Wow did you guys just happen to run into him when you were shooting? Pretty neat!

So how's Wendell enjoying retirement? I heard his new nick name is hop along. :) Nah I hope his knee is getting better.

Keep up the great blog!

:) josefina :) said...

How did Jake get in the mix?

jalna said...

So cool cameo yah, Jenny!

That is Ross! And yah, he was hanging out with his brother and the brother's wife, just cruising. His knee is getting better . . . slowly.

Jos, he just so happened to be there and agreed to have his picture taken! Really nice guy!

Erick said...

Great shots! How did you get Jake to pose, do you know him? Your classmate?

Mark Shelby said...

Kahala Beach Park? The lava rock post is the picnic pavilion. The low wall out to the ocean is at the canal drainage. I lived across the street when I was 9 years old. This is at the entrance to the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

Did I get it right Jalna? ; )

jalna said...

Classmate, Erick! Thanks, eh. I just asked and he said, "Sure!"

LOL, Mark. Bing, bing, bing!

Nippon Nin said...

Beautiful beach! Is it by your house? Really neat family pics.

I saw documentary film about Mr. Shimabukuro on Netflix. It was cool and heart warming too.

jalna said...

Akemi, it's the Kahala Beach Park. It's kinda near my house. Jake was so cool about taking pictures.