Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swap Meet 5/12/2012

7:00 in the morning and already choke action was going on at the Kam Swap Meet.  I wonder if we gotta start going earlier.  Plus it got so HOT HOT HOT we barely made it through all the rows.  In fact, me and Geri ran out of gas and Didi had to go get her vegetables on her own.


Rabbit ears!!   $3.  Did you ever pretend to be My Favorite Martian with um?  Yeah?  Ho, you old.

Slide projector - $30.

I know you want a World Wrestling Champion belt.  Only 5 bucks!

There was a couple selling neat stuff.  Most were expensively prepriced, but was not the amount they were selling them for.  We wondered where they got their stuff from. Do we have Storage Wars here?   They were selling this silk obi set for $5.

And this beautiful glass bowl for $5.

Of course Geri bought the bowl and another glass vase which was also $5.

I bought this pin cushion from them.  It was $1.



Didi got this YY plate for 50 cents!  It totally matches the tea cups she had bought previously.

She also got this plate for 50 cents.  She gave it to Sweetie who has a family of canaries.

It's a good thing this guy found this bow and arrows before me.  I might've been tempted to buy um 'cause I am so a Katniss Everdeen wanna-be.

Funny thing about this microwave crisping platter.  We thought it was so cool, but it was 3 whole bucks. So I told the guy, "How about 2?"  In the second it took for him to say, "Yes", I became hesitant and didn't really wanna dish out even $2 for it.  So Geri forked over the money to the guy and bought the plate for me. By the end of our outing, I decided that the platter would probably end up unused in our kitchen cupboard and convinced Didi that she really needed it, and gave it to her.

Funny thing about this vase.  The seller quoted a $2 price to Didi.  Didi almost bought it for Geri who was way ahead of us, but decided against it.  When we finally caught up to Geri, Didi mentioned the vase.  Geri said she saw it but decided the neck was too small. She said the seller quoted her only $1.  Good thing Didi didn't get it.

Geri paid $1 for this Swiffer.

Geri asked about the price for this purse and was told $75. We both balked at the price and the seller explained that it was a Coach. She said that she had actually been asking $90 earlier.  Cute yah!

The seller of this movie camera said that it was from the 1920's.  He was selling it for $30.  He's the same guy I bought my kaleidoscope from.



Wendell wanted Mach 3 razor blades so I bought this 10-pack for $14.  Turns out that's a good deal.


Popcorn popper on top of a radio.

When Didi went home with this pepper sauce, she found that she already had an unopened bottle of the same thing.

Didi bought these bag of limes for $1 each.

Geode, Batman and angel.  :)

This glass serving platter cost me $1.

And these cows were 50 cents each.

This glass bowl was $15. The seller had some beautiful stuff, including the following glass vase.

These are two views of the same vase.  It was beautifully etched and showed some kind of story.  It was going for $75.   Every once in awhile a seller will say that he should charge me for taking pictures. He was one of um.


Kalin's Mommy said...

That bag you told me about, the coach one, was nice, but not my type! It's a little toooo dainty looking for me. Anyway, I would not have paid what she was asking.

jalna said...

Wonder if she ever sold it, Mich.

Nippon Nin said...

An another fun post! I think that $1 glass plate is good deal. These cows are cute but what you do with them? The Coach bag is cute yet too small for me. I carry lots of things in my bag.

Betty Townsend said...

Some good finds on your that platter you bought..Coach bags are expensive but $75 for that pink number seems a little outrageous...

jalna said...

Akemi, one cow I gave to Leslie who loves cows and the other I will give to my dog to destroy.

I agree Betty, that bag was cute but not $75 cute.