Monday, December 26, 2011

Phuket Thai Restaurant

After shopping for our Vibram shoes Wendell and I went to eat a late lunch at Phuket Thai Restaurant.  Wendell took so long deciding on which model to get that we went waaaay past lunchtime, and I was starving. Some of you might know that when me and Wendell go out to eat, sometimes we order too much food.  We did it again this time, and it was kinda embarrassing when the waitress offered to add another table to ours so that all the dishes could fit! Aya!! 

Thank you for the gift card Kim.  We had a really nice time, and the food was great.

This is the Crispy Calamari ($9.50)

Pad Thai with Tofu ($9.50)

Wendell absolutely loved this special, Cornish Hen ($12.95).

Crispy Eggplant ($8.75)

Good Fortune Salad - Chicken Lahp ($9.25)


K and S said...

never been there, looks good!

jalna said...

Kat, we usually go to the McCully Shopping Center restaurant, but this time we went to the one on Kamake'e. I'm glad we did. They had better lighting for picture taking :)

Erick said...

You folks must have been really hungry. The food looks so ono. I have to try the cornish game hen never time, looks great.

jalna said...

The food was good Erick. We actually took most of the food home. I wanted to use up all of the gift card, that's why . . .

Betty Townsend said...

Gotta second Erick's post...the food looks so ONO!!

jalna said...

It was great Betty!

mmiissee said...

mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm yummy...I've been to their Mililani restaurant. The food is really good. Glad you folks had a good time ^_^

DNakamaru said...

We love Phuket Thai and Siam Garden too! Nice shots! That eggplant looks good... I never had that.

jalna said...

Mmiissee, until that day that we went, I didn't even know that they had 3 locations. I only knew of the one in McCully Shopping Center.

Dean, I love eggplant. I was hoping this would be like the kind I've had at Chinese dim sum places. It's totally different, but still was good.

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