Sunday, July 2, 2017

Swiss Army Knife

I got this Swiss Army Knife from the swap meet for $1. 

Before time, I wouldn't have given one of these a second look. I'm not sure if it's because I've been fussing around with vintage watches or maybe it's because I noticed that my favorite nail clipper is made in the USA, but it seems that I've become interested in all things that are of good quality and so not "Made in China".

And I kinda like it when the item is old because I feel like if it's old then it's REALLY well made. 

Cannot go wrong for $1 yah. I actually gave this one to Wendell. It's on one of his key chains now. I'm gonna look for another one for me.


Susan said...

Yeah, I always check where it's made. Too bad so many things made poorly. I did find a metal bowl made in Japan for a $1 at a yard sale. That's a deal right there!

Myko said...

Same with Arare...hardly can't find any that's 'Made in Japan' anymore most of them are from China, Taiwan or Thailand nowadays.

K and S said...

if I'm not mistaken that little notch opposite where you are holding (last photo) is supposed to have a tweezers in it.

Chet Colson said...

what a steal, for a $1.00. Swiss Army is famed for it's quality and workmanship. I have a SA knife and SA card that has 10 purposes, pretty cool tool.

jalna said...

Metal bowl, Susan! How cool!

Whaaaa, Myko?! I just assumed they're made in Japan. I gotta check those arare labels now.

You're right, Kat.

Wait . . . Chet . . . Swiss Army card?!!!!

Anonymous said...

j: I am finding that carrying a knife is a good thing, esp. a multi use one like your SA. Good for cutting off the ties on shoes or slippahs when trying them on. Also good for opening up my boxes from Amazon. I actually carry box cutters in my car for that reason. I also like discarding all the unnecessary wrapping for stuff and discarding at 'em at the store so I don't litter up at home. Only the electronic stuff I keep whole in case I gotta return. I also keep pepper spray and a knife in my dog walking bag, have had to use the spray a few times as too many doggies are unleashed when walking my two tiny though chubby ones. -N

jalna said...

N, I did find another small one for me. I like that it's tiny and doesn't add weight to my bag.

Erick said...

Cheap for a good quality pocket knife.