Sunday, October 9, 2016

Spreading the Aloha

BFF Leslie taught me about spreading the Aloha while traveling abroad. This container from Costco contains 90 packs of goodness that me and my sister will be passing out to people we meet while in Japan. 

Awesome idea, yah!



Honolulu Aunty said...

Oh! I gotta get me one of those 90! packs of goodies. I usually take the triangular ones that have macadamia nuts. Also, I take some boxes of chocolate macadamia nuts - ALWAYS giving a box to the person who is checking me into my hotel room. They have power in their fingers and can upgrade my room and/or make sure I get everything that I want or need.

Even if not to "bribe" people, it really does feel good to pass out these Hawaiian treats to cab drivers, sales people in the stores, and waiters/waitresses in restaurants. Save the empty big plastic tub until the day you pack up to come home - sometimes it comes in handy to put food items in.

I love how you update us on your trip packing. I usually pack the day of and am in a stressful frenzy.

Susan said...

Yes! Awesome idea!

jalna said...

Hey, good idea, Aunty . . . save the tub.

It's good fun to give away the candy, Susan.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, we do that too since most Japan people don't like to take tips.
I also go to 100 yen shop and buy those rectangle rubbermaid type boxes to put stuff in that I think might leak or break in my suitcase. I find it easier to pack than the round container. I also put the candy in a plastic bag to fit my suitcase easily and also buy some of the small cellophane gift bags to put the candy in.
3 more days!!!!

Susie said...


jalna said...

V, we left a tip at one restaurant once and the girl came running out to give it back to us. Thanks for the tips!

Yup, Susie!!

K and S said...


Kay said...

Too too funny! That's what I always bring too!