Saturday, October 8, 2016

Disposable Clothes

I'm kinda shame to show you the old, boro-boro clothes that I'm gonna be wearing on my upcoming trip, but I wanna share with you the trick that I use so that I can end up with enough suitcase space to bring home plenty omiyage. Please keep in mind that I will be wearing a brand-new jacket over the bust-up clothes, so hopefully I won't look too bad.

Our trip will be 12 days long.

Here are my tops. I will wear the top on the right coming home. The rest will each get tossed after about 2 days' use. Don't worry . . . they are years and years old, and normally shoulda been thrown away long ago. 

Same with the pants. The black pants on the right will get worn home. The rest of the pants will get tossed after 3 (or more) days' use each.

The black socks are actually Wendell's ankle-length socks that he doesn't use anymore. The white ones are my old ones. I have enough socks so that I can put on a fresh pair each morning. None of these are coming home.

These will be my pajamas (thanks Mich). Both will be left behind.

The airlines we're using allows two suitcases, so I am also packing a second bag within my suitcase to use (to fill!) coming home.  !!!!!


Honolulu Aunty said...

So smart!!! You figure no one is going to see you twice on the trip (except for your traveling companions) so wear the same clothes. I used to always over pack and bring way too much clothes that I didn't even end up wearing so for my upcoming trip to Vegas, I'll plan on wearing the same things a couple of days.

Yes, the way you shop, you need to make room in your return suitcases. Have fun!

DDD said...

Great ideas!!!
Why didn't I think of?

Anonymous said...

j: very very smart. Going you'll but coming back more space. No need to wash too. I 'member going to Japan when it was cool and we wore jackets everywhere so we really didn't need to bring too much clothes. -N

jalna said...

You're going to Vegas, Aunty!! Good luck!

Thanks, DDD!

N, our suitcases aren't really too big, so space is at a premium for us.

Kalin's Mommy said...

LOL, I doing that right now for my trip too!

jalna said...

Funny, Mich!!

Arlene said...

Wow, I've thrown out old socks on trips, but your system is much better thought out. If you have anymore travel tips or hacks, let us all know! Mine would be to double sock with newer, more cushiony socks on the outside when you are going to do a lot of walking. Even when I walk from nearly morning until evening my feet are in good shape and not sore. Of course, it works better with shoes that are a bit roomy and stretched out. Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Great strategy! When we go Japan, we always go with one suitcase of clothes each. Then coming home we buy a large cardboard box and stuff all our dirty laundry inside. Then we can pack omiyage in our two suitcases. :) -L

Leslie's pics said...

i'm sooooo excited for you guys!!!!! Jealous too!!!

Susan said...

Do you have two of the same black blouses? lol Great idea!

jalna said...

Good tip, Arlene! My white socks are rather thin, so it'll be cushion-ier if I wear a pair of Wendell's on top. Thanks!!

Awesome, L!!! Must be you buy plenty omiyage, too. LOL.

And you going AFRICA, Les!!!

Sooo funny, Susan! I hate to shop for clothes so if I find something I like, I'll get a bunch of um!!! Hahahaha! Good eye!

Susie said...

Wow what a great idea!!! Never thought of that but I have left clothes with family n the mainland or packed them in a box and sent home via usps. I like your way. Have an awesome trip!!!

jalna said...

Thanks, Susie!

Mark Shelby said...

Very Smaaat Jalna!

You are always so organized! ; )

Have massive fun in Japan!

K and S said...

great idea!

Kay said...

Our Korea leader told us to bring only one suitcase and they would provide us with boxes for omiyage. Hmmmm.... no disposable clothes for me though. I keep donating them so I don't have spares.