Friday, September 30, 2016

Serg's Mexican Kitchen

Me and da sistahs had good fun last Saturday.  First we went to the rummage sale at Kalani High, then we went to a community garage sale in Kailua and finally we had lunch at Serg's Mexican Kitchen in Waimanalo. I was so pooped that I ended up taking a zonk-out nap in the afternoon and woke up at around 7:00 pm not knowing what day or year it was. 

Here's what we ate at Serg's.

Serg's Nachos with chorizo ($9.95)

Chicken Chimichanga ($10.95)

Inside the chimichanga.

Shrimp Quesadilla ($9.95)

Chile Verde Taco with Rice and Beans ($7.65)

Pork Carnitas Flautas ($11.95)

Everything was super ono! 


Anonymous said...

It's in Manoa? David and I might try it. Hopes it's better than Chili's.

Susie said...

wow looks really yummy !!!

Kay said...

I've never been big into Mexican food, but you sure made it look good. Going to Genki for the first time today.

Susan said...

I like Mexican for a change of taste, especially after eating so much filipino or japanese food : ) I wish we had those prices here though. Delicious pics as usual!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Wait, you only have 3 sisters but 5 dishes? Your mother too, or someone is an oinker? O, maybe you shared the nachos!

I found my lens kit! Gotta take it with me too, but last time, it was so humbug to change lenses. I guess it's just better to leave the wide angle on, ready to go. Thanks for reminding me!

And, Happy Birthday!!!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Oh, looks goooood! Maybe next time I am around Waimanalo (my #1 choice of place to live when I am ready for country life) I shall check it out. I was always curious about it - if it was good.

My favorite Mexican food is Azteca. A bit more expensive, but I LOVE their verde enchilada with cheese plate. Also, their homemade salsa is da bomb.

You make me hungry for Mexican food now!

Dd said...

Hey wait... you should clarify that the Kailua sale was ummm....not like 1 location, but house after house after house after da Kailua SUN ... and yes...I took a long nap TOO !!

jalna said...

Gigi, yes, there is another branch in Manoa.

OMG, Susie . . .

Hope you like it, Kay.

V, we did share the nachos, but was soooo big, I got full before my quesadilla came. Brought most of it home. Glad you found the lens kit. I'm actually using it on my iPad . . . not bringing my phone. I tested it out and it works good. Maybe I'll leave clipped on too. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

It was ono, Aunty. Maybe the Manoa branch is closer to you?

That was an awesome community event yah, Dd!

Leslie's pics said...

uuuuuu i want to eat mexican now...we tried the manoa one, maybe we gotta try the waimanalo one too!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, looks so ono! I'm in the mood for Mexican now! :)
- L

K and S said...

everything looked so good!

jalna said...

Maybe you'll have better luck than at the place on Kauai, Les. 😁

Me too, L!!

Kat, there was a girl on the next table that had a half-chicken dish. THAT looked good!