Thursday, August 27, 2015

The A-Salt Gun

Yay! Flickr fixed their bug!! "Fixed their bug" . . . LOL . . . so appropriate. Because this is what I wanted to share . . . Wendell's birthday present . . . a Bug-A-Salt weapon. Cool, hah! I got it from Amazon:  Bug-A-Salt

You gotta go kinda close to the target . . . three feet is the most effective range, but you can still stun from a farther distance.  It's like a shot gun that shoots a spray of salt. It only uses about 1/2 teaspoon per shot, so there really isn't much scatter.

It's supposed to be for flies, but Wendell was successful in getting a 747 cockroach the other night. He stunned it with the first blast and then shot it a couple more times after that.  He swept up the salt with the roach.


Here's Wendell practicing in the back yard. He also practiced on Landon's back . . . because Lan was curious about the power of the gun and asked Wendell to.  Wendell shot him from about 10 feet away. Landon yelled, "AAAAHHH!!" I laughed.


Kalin's Mommy said...

Thanks for letting me try it, I need to order me one! A lot better than spraying a whole bottle of insecticide. :)

jason.f.leong said...

That thing is $50?! And I thought the term was B52 cockroach?

jenny said...

this is too funny..the things you can buy out there! i guess it makes killing bugs fun.

Anonymous said...

j: LOL boys and their toys. That's a great present! Happy Birthday Wendall. -N

lance said...

Where'd you buy it from and what's the price? LOOKS LIKE FUN!!!!!! LOL!!!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Funny! A great "adult" toy.

Leslie's pics said...

hahaha I like the story you texted me better! :)

Susan said...

How cool! I'd buy one for myself!!

Nippon Nin said...

747 cockroaches? Heee! Great fun invention!

K and S said...


Mark Shelby said...

Now that is totally hilarious!

How about trying "Hawaiian Rock Salt" ....? <~~~~!

I bet that would be like "Buck Shot" for little critters! ; )

I bet that would even chase away the feral cats! So no more yowling in da middle of the night! ; )

jalna said...

You're welcome, Mich. I'll order one for you.

Yah, Jace . . . 50 bucks. This roach was more like a 747 than a B52. It wasn't flying . . . more taxi-ing the runway.

And it's eco-friendly too, Jenny!

Thanks, N.

I got it from Amazon, Lance. I'll add a link to my post.

Aunty, I tried to video me shooting a roach, but he escaped before I could pull the trigger.

I know, Les. Wish I coulda got the guy.

Susan, cool yah . . . but it's expensive so gotta be for a birthday present.

HUGE roach, Akemi.

Thanks, Kat.

Mark, I thought about that . . .wonder if would work.

Erick said...

That is so cool! I use Dawn and water in a spray bottle. Just get them wet and it's belly up, take more for the big buggas.

Mokihana said...

What a crazy cute idea! How's it working??

jalna said...

Moki, it's worked good so far, but I'm still trying to get that carpenter bee that's making holes in the side of our house.