Saturday, June 1, 2013

Checking In

Sorry . . .  I've been:

a)  lazy
b)  busy working
c)  watching The Voice (which I'm not gonna watch anymore 'cause Sarah and Judith are out)
d)  watching Long Island Medium (because she is the unrealest person-who-can-talk-to-the-dead)
e)  trying but failing at meditating
f)  upset at what's happening in North Korea
g)  all of the above

Here are just a few pictures.  The first one is a leaf that caught my eye. I like how the light is shining through it.


This is Geri at New Hope Kahala.  She's teaching them to do sign language to a song.  Sweetie was watching and just bawling, she was so touched by it.

After the signing class we went to Panda Travel in Kapahulu.  Guess why. WE ARE GOING TO THE SAPPORO SNOW FESTIVAL IN HOKKAIDO next year!!!!  We went to sign up and put in our deposit.  All four sisters are going!!  How cool izdat!

After that, we went to a Rock and Mineral show at the Honolulu Museum of Art School.  I bought this pink Apophyllite for $20. That's right . . . PINK.  I know, I know  . . . you never saw a pink one before. I can just hear you all saying that.  Me too!  LOL!

I also bought this rutilated smoky quartz sphere. Yup . . . rutilated smoky quartz!  It was $15.  I not even going tell you how much Geri and Sweetie spent . . . they spent buku bucks!  And that was right after they said, "We just going look.  We on budget.  Have to save money for the Japan trip."

After having lunch at our favorite Sam and Syd's, we went to check out Antique Alley. Today was their last day.  They gotta move, so they were having a Close-out Sale. Unfortunately, the marbles weren't cheap enough for me so I didn't get anything.

Our last stop was Your Kitchen on 10th Avenue in Palolo for some shaved ice.  This is Geri's Strawberry Bowl ($5).  I usually get this, but today I opted for . . .

The Mango/Haupia Bowl (also $5).  This was good too.  Dunno which one I prefer.

That was a fun day.


K and S said...

whoo sapporo, you guys gonna freeze "a", but I know you gonna have fun :)

jenny said...


Just wanted to do a comment on your blog - I love your pictures and your posts! Sorry to see things are getting you down. I love Your Kitchen shave ice! :)

jalna said...

I knoooow, Kat. Looks like so cold at that time.

Hey Jenny. Thanks for dropping by!

Kay said...

You are going to have so much fun!

jalna said...

I think so too Kay!

Erick said...

Yum shave ice with ice cream.

Randism said...

japan is always an adventure; happy to hear you going again ;-)

yeah, the stuff in north korea is really depressing. you read about the guys who escaped and were or are being sent BACK?!? how insane is that?!?

yup, da food and desserts at Your Kitchen are good :-)

Randism said...

this is the story i was referring to:,0,7718252.story

jalna said...

Shave ice and ice cream is always a good combo, Erick.

Thanks for the link Rand. I do think that is insane and it drives ME insane thinking of what they had to go back to.