Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kawaii Kon 2013

Erick emailed a bunch of us on Friday and asked if we'd like to join him at the Kawaii Kon event on Saturday.  It'd been awhile since I bonded with my fellow photographer buddies, so I answered that I'd try to make it.

Me and my sisters went to the swap meet first and then we headed to the Convention Center after our usual filipino food lunch.  It was my first time to the Kawaii Kon, and I was shocked.  It is a HUGE event that was held on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.  There were uku billion people in costumes and uku million photographers. 













So cool yah!  I got a few more photos to share though the above are my best.  I'll post the other pictures later.  This next photo shows the photographers in action.  Isn't that unreal.  Erick's not even in the bunch.   I saw Erick for a total of about 30 seconds and then we got separated.  I never saw him again. So much for bonding.


Kay said...

These photos are amazing. I'm going to recommend your post to another blogger friend who often goes to Comicon. I forget the exact name.

jalna said...

Thank you Kay!

Leslie's pics said...

Sooo fun! I didn't realize Comicon was big in Hawaii. They really go all out yah??

Anonymous said...

Great shots! Looks like fun, wish I could have gone.

jalna said...

I didn't know either, Les. Amazing.

Thanks Warren. Maybe next year.

Erick said...

Cool shots! At least we bonded for 30 seconds. I think I talked to you sisters longer. LOL

jalna said...

You talked to my sisters, Erick?

Nippon Nin said...

I enjoyed looking at those cos-play people! My favorite in this post is the long haired blond girl.

SW said...

i keep looking at those blue people..are they really silver/blue or is that photoshop?? they look like they turned black and white while everything else went colored..soo cool.

jalna said...

I love that picture too Shun Wah. The color is for real. Normally I woulda photoshopped out the guy in the background, but I kept him in there to show the contrast of colors between the couple and him.