Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kam on Saturday and Aloha on Sunday

Ummm, what can I say except that some people are just die hards when it comes to bargain hunting.  And SOME people go to the swap meet two days in a row!   Sheese SOME PEOPLE.

Me and Geri were just laughing as we walked from my parked car to Kam Swap Meet on Saturday 'cause we knew we must've looked ridiculous in the pouring rain, umbrella in one hand and dragging our carts with the other, clearly out of our minds if we thought that we were gonna have a successful shopping experience.

But we weren't alone . . . . because as you probably know by now . . . us swap meet shoppers cannot pass up bargains . . . no matter what.

Guess what happened though . . . it cleared up!  And actually turned into a nice, pleasant morning. One of the first things that caught my eye was this "Antivirus" puzzle/game.   I felt somehow drawn to it and bought it for $3.

This is a make-da-puka-in-da-bead-bigger tool set.  It was 3/$2.00.

I bought this cute pouch for 50 cents.  It has a snap so you can hang it onto your belt loop or purse strap.

I also got these speakers for my computer for $3.

These guys are usually at Aloha Swap Meet (row 7C), but were at Kam on Saturday because there was no swap meet at Aloha due to the UH football game.   They have the best taegu.  If you hang around long enough this lady will make you a roll with taegu, kim chee, korean nori and rice . . . for free!

I bought these.  They're $6.50 each or 2/$12.00

I also got this.  It's $7.  It has 20 sheets in all . . . very ono.  And like I said, if you hang around long enough, you'll get a sample.

Geri bought this for $1. LOL!

Rice orchid!

This stamp pad was $1.

This was also $1.

I bought this for $15.  I just checked online . . . looks like it normally goes for $30.   Good deal yah.  The guy had one more, and he's always there.

I found out that this is my nephew Charles' favorite movie . . . and I found it!  It was $2.  Hope it works.

Isn't this adorable?  It's an award-winning Wheely Bug made by Australian designers. They sell for $60 at Walmart and Amazon. Guess how much Geri paid for it?  5 BUCKS!! And she didn't know the value of it then.  Score!

She also bought this plate from the same seller.  50 cents.  Another bargain!!!

I always strive to just enjoy the moment and not fret about the past or worry about the future. But it's hard.  Maybe this book will help me.  It was $1.

These were $3 . . . I think . . . not sure.

These cookbooks were selling for $2 each.  I did a bundle deal and asked if I could have all 3 for $5. The guy said, "Sure."

I love the pictures.

Today we went to the Aloha Swap Meet.  All four of us made it this time, which has been kinda rare lately due to church and work. So we took full advantage of the companionship and ended up staying a whoppin' 5 HOURS!!   5 HOURS!!  Which is why I'm icing my knee right now . . .

I think this UH #1 glove was selling for $3.  My note taking was kinda lacking today.

Dunno if this is a gas mask or diving gear.

Isn't this guy's setup awesome!

I think this is jasper. It was $1.

Cool yah!

Dunno how much these were.

These oranges look green, but were sweet.  The guy let us sample some. They were 5/$2.00.  Both me and Sweetie bought 5 each.

I bought this pin for $5.

Didi looked at but didn't buy this spam slicer.  It was kinda worn and not worth the $4 price.

Remember the lady with the ono banana bread and carrot cake from last week?  These are her cookies.  And remember the energy bar story from last week?   Well, I was looking forward to buying more today, but by the time we found the seller, she had sold out. Boo . . .

Geri bought this silk obi for $2.  She had bought a kimono awhile back, but I never took a picture of it.  It's hanging on her wall at her home right now.  I'll try and get a picture of it one day.

Here she is looking at some fishing lure heads for her husband.

She chose this one.

I bought this for $7.  The guy said that they're also available at Don Quijote and someplace else . . . I forget.

Sweetie bought this cute glass "aquarium" for $3.  Her son asked if he could have it for his room.

Used Coach stuff!   The two small ones in the front were selling for $25.

Here's Margaret with a painting she just got. She has some really cool stuff.

Today is my dad's birthday, so after the swap meet we took flowers to his grave.

Then we went to Legends Restaurant for some dim sum.  It was already 1:15 when we got there, but the place was still packed!!








Everything was yummy!!!!  



Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow, what a long day! LOL, if I didn't have Kalin and Len with me I would have stayed longer aty Aloha too! We were at Kam on Saturday and Kalin scored a Pokemon Limited Edition Monopoly Set for $5.00. The box was a little worn, but it was never played with. He loves it.

jalna said...

Wow Mich, Kalin scored. I just checked online and the set is sooo cute. Are Kalin's figures peuter or painted? But wait . . . you were at Kam on Saturday and Aloha on Sunday too???? Don't tell me . . . you guys are SOME PEOPLE too!! LOL!!!

gracie said...

i love these swap meet posts! a friend gifted me with a couple of bags of those furikake shrimp chips. they are the best!!!! i regret not buying a couple of bags from donki when i saw it. now they're all out, i think!

Erick said...

Lots of cool stuff. Maybe the Anti Virus game can protect your computer?

I love the dim sum at Legend, they have the largest selection. I haven't been there in a long time. Jellos.

Nippon Nin said...

I don't know what 'taegu' is but I love to try it. I never herd of rice orchid before, sounds pretty though. Ohh...I love these tin men! It's always fun to see your swap meet trip post.

Susan said...

Always look forward to your swap meet adventure and food afterwards!

K and S said...


jalna said...

Thanks Grace! The shrimp chips were really ono! If you're ever at Aloha, there on 7C by the taegu lady.

Erick, remember when we went to eat dim sum at that place in Kaneohe after shooting at Hoomaluhia? That was good.

Akemi, taegu is a spicy Korean side dish kind a thing . . . veeeery tasty.

Thanks Susan!

Hahaha Kat!

Leslie's pics said...

5 HOURS?!?! Holy crap! Good, glad to see you're training for November...

SW said...

Always so many cool things to be found..glad to see your shots.. Legend Restaurant..haven't been there for a while.. my friend and I used to joke that we always go there to have some (look) Funn..ha..ha..

jalna said...

Hahahaha Les. I consider it training too!

Funny Shun Wah!