Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Stuff

Nothing much is happening.  Kinked my back again, so no swap meet this weekend.  Here are just odds and ends I found on my computer.

My coworker and her family have been going to the swap meet lately.  Her son looks for toys.  So I've been finding myself looking at toys too.  I found this Mario Bros. mushroom. Isn't he too cute??!  He can be detached from the base so I'm gonna turn him into a hanging thing like I did to the Hello Kitty I got from Ailey's mom.

Here's the Hello Kitty in case you didn't see it before. I drilled a tiny hole on the top and crazy-glued a looped pin into it.

This is a mango fruit roll-up I got from the Aloha Swap Meet.  A woman named Sue makes them using Hayden mangoes. She explained how she did it, but I only remember that one of the steps was to bake it. There is no added sugar. 

This is how you get half the calories from a drumstick ice cream cone.  There is a funny-related story about me asking CQ if she wanted half a drumstick and she thinking I was talking about chicken and me wondering whydahell she talking about cartilage . . . 

Anybody else's husband sleeps with a baseball bat nearby so that he can clobber any intruders that might sneak into the house at night?

This dry-line thing amazes me.

This is some-ono frozen lasagna from Costco.

Anybody know what this is for? 

CQ shared another one of her amazing dishes last week.

She baked won ton pi in muffin tins and then added filling into them.


Leslie's pics said...

Randy put a baseball bat in our room too!! He also has cans of pumpkin lying around the house too so I can throw it at someone's head if the bat isn't around.

DNakamaru said...

Funny... I was just talking about that Costco Lasagne yesterday.

Dang, those cups from CQ look so good!

Dd said...

ummmm....We have a baseball bat next to our bed...I sleep good ;o}

Dd said...

oh oh...and next to our BTW..."aluminum" bat, is a 20# sledge hammer !!! KABOOM !!

Dd said...

oh and so that yellow the thing that the city is mandated to put near crosswalks..its a handicap non skid thingamagig

K and S said...

hope your back gets better fast!
those bumpy things on the sidewalk are for people who cannot see, we have them here in Japan too.

Kalin's Mommy said...

We went Aloha today, didn't find much. I did get a roxy wallet for $1.00 new with tags. I think I am going to flip it on Ebay! Kalin got some pokemon figurines. Len got exercise! It was drizzling slightly, but just enough to cool down.

Aw man, I missed CQ samples again! :(

jalna said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is heeeelarious, Les!!!

It's better than I can make from scratch, Dean. CQ's stuff was really good.

I'm so surprised Didi! I really thought Wendell was the only one.

Kat, my back is already waaaay better. I've been wondering for awhile about those bumpy things.

Good find Mich. "Len got exercise" . . . funny!! I really missed going. Yeah, CQ's stuff was ono.

Randism said...

baseball bats?!? cans of pumpkin! yikes! regarding those yellow things; yeah, they work really well and in japan, they've got different sounds at intersections for the blind; excellent idea.

jalna said...

I know Rand. I couldn't believe that Wendell's not the only one!

Erick said...

Won ton looks ono. I hope you feel better.

jalna said...

Thanks Erick!