Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just Checkin' In

My computer's still in the shop. The Cowabunga guy recommended doing an OS reinstall.  In other words save what can and start all over.  I don't wanna do that.  I don't wanna do that. I don't wanna do that.  I like my computer exactly how it is. Well, exactly how it WAS.  Let's say I start all over. I don't even know how I got infected in the first place.  I had antivirus stuff.  I was careful about clicking on suspicious or even not suspicious links. Still it happened. 

So, I told the guy to remove as much bad stuff as he can without doing a reinstall. When I get my computer back, I'm not gonna connect it to the Internet. I'll use it to work on my photos with my intact Photoshop and Lightroom settings.  I'm gonna get another computer (maybe a cheap one) for online use.  If that gets infected we can do an OS reinstall on it. 

I hate that this happened.  I hate that now I'm nervous and tense and suspicious when I go online.  I hate it that I don't even trust that when I click on a link that I'm going to a safe place.  *Insert swear word here.*  You can use whichever one you want. I picked the F one.

On a different note, here are just a few photos I got to share.  It's the best that I could do with this 8-year-old computer that I'm using now. It's slow, has no Photoshop and often kicks me off the 'net . . . but other than that, it sure is coming in handy.

Reflection in a puddle of water in my back yard.

One HUGE guava that coworker Karen brought to work.

Me and my sister Geri went to check out Kawamoto Orchid Nursery deep in Palolo Valley yesterday.  I'll try and share more photos later.

Yes, we're still going to the swap meet.

We even checked out the Aloha Stadium swap meet last week.  I bought two daikon for $1 and made some tsukemono with it.


Kalin's Mommy said...

So how was the Aloha swapmeet? Kalin has a new toy he wants to look for "beylade", LOL, he can't wait to go look!

Nippon Nin said...

I love the orchid photo. Beautiful! You're so good!

Les said...

Wow, I feel really bad for you...I remember going through the same thing about a year ago :( Withdrawls yah?

Anonymous said...

yeah thats the cowabunga way of saying we don't know whats wrong and we wanna charge you more money.


jalna said...

Mich, Aloha had a LOT of regular sellers, the kine that are probably there every week. And everything was a little more expensive.

Awww, thanks Akemi.

Thanks Les. I not handling this too good . . . I feel insecure.

Yeah Kevin, I think it's their way of making doubly sure that all the bugs are out . . . start from scratch.